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Nothing of quantity to say, so I give you quality outsourced content:

  • [ profile] hrj's tour de force on Cross-dressing in the SCA. Chock full of context about the social realities of women wearing men's clothes in Europe during the SCA time period (~600-1600AD) as well as how it plays in to the context of SCA's persona, person, and presentation. With bibliography!

  • VA congressional candidate speaks out against slut-shaming: "Society has to accept that women of my generation have sexual lives that are going to leak into the public sphere. Sooner or later, this is a reality that has to be faced, or many young women in my generation will not be able to run for office." HT [ profile] rm.
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Badass graphic novels, via [ profile] jlsjlsjls

Related: [ profile] almeda posts a roundup of alternative Superman comic art.

Just what counts as "sex"? Opinions differ, via [ profile] rm.

[ profile] belfebe considers creating a website highlighting airport restrooms of the world. Anyone who has had a long layover will surely agree that such a site's popularity would rival that of Yelp and ICanHazCheezburger.
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Is there anything more smokin' hot than Tilda Swinton in a suit?

Maybe more women in suits?

Or maybe just more Tilda Swinton.
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Violet Blue enthuses over Isabella Rossellini's Green Porn short films, which are about insectoid sex (no, really). Photos and video at the link. I too want to be Isabella Rossellini when I grow up, and after that I want to be Judi Dench....

Found over in [ profile] fireflyfans: Ask Inara in the Arisia con newsletter - click on any of the "Clear Ether" links to read "Inara"'s advice to characters of many fandoms.

From [ profile] shemhazai, more real boobage from Uncovered: Busting Out in the Big Apple (link safe for work; photos from it perhaps not so much).

Woke up this morning with the vague intention to attend a local SCA event, only to find that it was very much not as local as expected. Which worked out, because there's no shortage of things to do around here - laundry, sewing, reading, exercise.

Of the latter I did an upper body workout that taxed as much as it exhilirated. I'm gonna feel stiff as a board tomorrow but it will have been worth it :)

[ profile] dotheranon and I went to see "National Treasure 2", which was fun in an action packed, butchered history Indiana Jones kind of way. And, it had Helen Mirren! We followed it up with chickennnnnn and hot sauce, which was good because I was ready to eat a horse!

I have been dabbling on and off surface treatments for Zoey vest for ~2 weeks and none of the ratios of gloss to leather dye has produced a finish that really improves the look IMHO, so, rather startlingly, I'm finished! Photos forthcoming. Also finished a quickie Henrican coif but am still trying to figure out just where it's supposed to sit on my head so it looks less like a 19th century bonnet.

I've been listening to a lot more music lately, even at work - which is unusual because music is so emotionally intense for me that it's hard to ignore the urge to dance (or, at least, bob my head vigorously). In addition to random YouTubery I've discovered 808 State reissues and am reminded how long it's been since I bothered to keep up, even with bands I already know I like! To that end I'm indulging in my backlog of SolipsisticNation podcasts, in the hopes that I might be an old crustie, but at least one who has an idea of what year it is :P
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I finished Virgin: The Untouched History, a while ago but haven't commented on it until now due to procrastination.

I'd been waiting eagerly for it to come out ever since I found out Blank was writing it, because the importance of virginity (or lack thereof) had been hammered into me from an early age, but my own experiences didn't agree with what I'd been told. I thought it would be interesting to read about the subject minus all the assumptions, by someone who's actually done the research and has something new to say. On these grounds this book delivers, and how!

I enjoyed this book thoroughly because it preached to my particular choir: there's no universally agreed upon means of physically identifying virgins or virginity (the hymen wasn't even noted by medical science until the Middle Ages), and the definition of what does or doesn't constitute "sex" varies widely by culture, time, and place and even individual, but most of the the modern West still perceives hetero PIV intercourse as the "sex act of record".

This further feeds my suspicion that too much is made of virginity, often as a means of controlling women and/or the young. Virginity loss (whatever form that takes - IMHO there are multiple virginities) IS a big deal, but it doesn't separate the adults from the kids or the prudes from the pervs, nor does it change the world :P

In short, I recommend. More at the link above, and Hanne Blank is interviewed about the book on the latest RH Reality Check podcast.
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Different activities and their relative risk of STI infection, from Violet Blue's Tiny Nibbles. I wish there were sources/footnotes/other documentation, but it is from a book which I'm going to assume was fact checked.

Here's one from the San Francisco City Clinic, but it is not as comprehensive or detailed. Again with the lack of sources but I'm going to assume they fact checked too.
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Another favorite subject in Pandagon's Tuesday lechery (first one possibly not worksafe). My own additions: Liam Neeson and a better one of Ewan McGregor, to inspire your Qui Gon/Obi Wan perving needs (and this one of Liam Neeson, which while neither on topic nor worksafe, is still awfully nice - [ profile] semmie17, don't ever say I didn't do anything nice for ya :P).

Regrettably unable to find any of women in kilts (I don't mean schoolgirl plaid skirts, I mean PROPER kilts), but did find an amusing one of Mulder in skirt, Scully in tux.

I am also pleased to note the existence of the Society for the Promotion, Advancement and Necessity of Kilts on Men Everywhere - I'm sure it's completely coincidental that it abbreviates to S.P.A.N.K.M.E. ;)

D. still needs a kilt, and desperately, but my laziness/desire to work on stuff for me keeps getting in the way. One day!
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After reading this post on Pandagon about framing sex as a collaborative instead of a competitive act all I could think was - yeah, no wonder standard hetero dating sucked so bad when I was single :P

If one assumes that sex is something one person (usually male) will lie, cheat, and steal in order to get from someone else (usually female) - and based on what I saw in college, many people (men and women) had this perspective - women can never be more than the prize, not a participant. And being Most Desired Thing still sucks, 'cos you're still a thing :(

However, if you assume that sex is a collaborative act, like dancing (or other art), then you've got two (or more) fully realized individuals doing something fun together. I like this idea much better :)

Seriously, read all of it, because Amanda explains where she's coming from much better than I - also a related post elsewhere about the differences between a competitive and a performance model of sex is illustrative. Needless to say, a lot of this makes me nod in understanding.

Leaving this public 'cos I think the links are thought provoking enough to want them to have a wider audience, but comments screened 'cos sex is a touchy subject for some people. Usual rules apply - if you want to be seen, ask me to unscreen.
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He may have come down from the trees, but prehistoric man did not stop swinging. New research into Stone Age humans has argued that, far from having intercourse simply to reproduce, they had sex for fun.....

Timothy Taylor, reader in archeology at Bradford University, reviewed evidence from dozens of archeological finds and scientific studies for his research.

“The widespread lay belief that sex in the past was predominantly heterosexual and reproductive can be challenged,” said Taylor.
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Viggo kisses.... well, most of his male LOTR co stars. Maybe his contract stated that he had an option to kiss all of his co stars?

At any rate, run along slash fans for your hot Aragorn/Legolas smoochies...
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The correct usage is "I am erotic, you are kinky, but those people into Clippy are perverts".

Found over at the incredible [ profile] tinynibbles, whose blog you really should read if you don't because she finds twisted stuff like this all the time :P
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Dream symbolism is highly individual - so chuck out your dream guides! I msut say it makes me wonder what my subconcious is trying to tell me, whirling around like a hamster in a wheel and coming up with the strangest stuff...

Sneak peek of upcoming "Buffy Season 8" comic - promising.

Holbein in England at the Tate, UK - many of the images don't show due to copyright restrictions, but even these few include some I don't remember seeing before.

12 Byzantine Rulers podcast - I've listened to most of this, and it really is excellently presented in both content and style.

Debutante slouch may be good for you (via [ profile] jlsjlsjls). Or more correctly, humans aren't built to sit for hours on end. More evidence that this bipedal thing is a raw deal :P

More Blond Bond nude shots - emphatically NOT safe for work. Will look for Blond Bond Bound in my Abundant Spare Time(TM) (ha!). Because I like to offer equal leching opportunity: Bond Girls Naked also NOT SAFE FOR WORK.
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Yep, this is the sort of thing I read when I get a second to myself: Wired's Sex Drive column archives, particularly this one about how Rogue and Bobby could potentially get it on. Apart from how the mind does boggle at the possibilities, it's damn cool that this tech really exists.

Personally, I think Rogue ought to go for the nanofabric suit + Wolverine. Not to upset X-Men fans everywhere, but IMHO Bobby (at least in the movie) is something of a drip (or at the very least isn't Hugh Jackman - I mean is there really a contest?).
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Well, I don't know if they come in flavors, but, from [ profile] tinynibbles : Battling Seizure Robot Condoms. The graphic is subtle yet really really obvious. Be careful about clicking the above if you don't want "" showing up in your browser history :P

These would be a nice companion piece to the pirate-themed tampons I've mused over earlier - except these condoms already exist(!)

Condoms aimed specifically at the robot-gamer market. This place has everything</bluesbrothers>
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It's downright unsettlin' (or is it?) how few of these I got right(!) Likely not worksafe if your co-workers are cleverer than me. Found at Wired and elsewhere.

Edit: None of the navigation is worksafe, so best wait until you get home. Especially this, which warms the cockles of my kinky geek heart :P
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Found through Fleshbot, an un-worksafe link if ever there was one: Industrial Bitch (I want her wardrobe!) and Hyperion-Creation Photography (standard fetishy images, elegant black-and-white. Some of the clothes are by [ profile] jane_doe_latex).

Expect varying degress of nakedness and purtiness from all links.
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Courtesy [ profile] zen4me for some of my Friends (you know who you are): Starbuck in a sports bra. Go and look, you know you want to...
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My birthday falls on Cake and C*nn*l*ng*s Day (site not work safe, but I've graciously censored the word itself so women at work can read the Good News)!

Good Friday, indeed....
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Carnivorous plants at Galleria Carnivora. Reminds me of my childhood Venus Flytraps, Vivienne and Vivienne II. Good times, even though they died on me :P

[ profile] timcharmorbien's Earl and Myrtle comic (dudes! Put this in your user info!)

[ profile] tinynibbles' How To Surf Porn, Safely - includes not only standard anti-virus and anti-spam tips, but also how to search anonymously and avoid/foil internet stalkers.

Some of you will thank me, some of you will hate me: Puppets Who Kill

No, these links have nothing to do with each other.

I'll post something "crunchier" later in the week once I recover from midterm (tomorrow. Wish me luck!)
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Warm, sunny, and windy. Leaves me feeling kinda good!!

To balance out the bugs:

Carnival of the Cats. This week's Cat carnival, including a photo I like to call "Ambition" (2nd photo).

Bow down before the cute. You know you want to.

Not necessarily cute or catty, but check out [ profile] tristantaormino. Brand spankin' new, so not sure how work safe it will or won't be, but check out her profile to get an idea whether it's right for you.

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