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What started with a lucky Miyake find and deeply discounted Westwood boots is turning into some tentative designer collecting. I have searches set up for some of my favorite designers on Ebay, and so far I've found a Westwood top and Comme de Garcons blazer. I'm adhering to some limitations so I don't go crazy:

  • It has to be something I'll actually wear, and in my size - no chasing something the wrong size or potentially unflattering just to see how it's made.
  • Never full price because... just no. I can't afford such extravagance and besides, finding a bargain makes the pursuit more interesting.
  • I have limited closet space so for each item I get, one has to go. It doesn't have to be an identical item (get a skirt and, say, a pair of shoes goes) but it's certainly ideal if I'm replacing "ok" with "better" (the CDG long blazer replaces a pinstripe one that never fit properly).
  • It has to be representative of the designer's work. I refuse to shell out $$ for a t shirt with a logo.

So far this strategy is finding me ~3 pieces a year. Which is plenty.
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Another Pro: about the Droid - the camera kicks like a mule! Check out the detail on these photos of my Pleats Please consignment find:

cut for space )
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As y'all know I've had pleats on the brain. I've been rereading all my books on Fortuny in preparation for my behind-the-scenes visit and already my mind is ticking away on questions and possible strategies for future projects.

Saturday I went to check out the local consignment shops before my haircut, and spent much more time in one than another, so the last I visited with only ~15 minutes to spare before my appointment. Really I'd only stopped in on a whim because it was on the way.

And, on the rack was:

An Issey Miyake Pleats Please 2 piece. Black. Very plain: matching tank top and midcalf-length skirt. Mix and match pieces, never out of style because it's never in, clean, in perfect shape.

And in my size(!)

Top looked ok; slipped on skirt over my pants and it fit everywhere except the waist. For $58(! Robbery! Highway robbery!) I was prepared to invest in Spanx if need be.

I got home and discovered that by inflicting a minor indignity to this luscious item, I could refit the skirt: I replaced the too-tight elastic with drawstrings.

I have tried to take pictures of it, but what makes it special is the texture, not the shape, and my feeble iPhone camera just isn't capturing it. I suggest visiting the links above or searching Ebay or Yoox for "Pleats Please" for quality images (alas, the Pleats Please site itself has security cert. issues, at least for me).

It's a sign. Of what, I'm not sure, but it's a sign.
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  • 17:08 Just got glossy "new fashion books for 2010" from academic publisher in the mail. Enablers, all of 'em! #
  • 17:46 @quasigeo - 2 days a week already :) You'll be making with the stabby in no time! #
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  • 08:29 Crap - can't hit consignment shops after work; they close @ 5. Am I weird that I DON'T want to waste Sat. shopping? #

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  • 12:47 @daudi_g - Awesome, thanks! #
  • 20:07 It's a flat cat day - first warm day of spring/summer and the A/C doesn't appear to be working :/ #
  • 20:45 I think I'm the only person watching #smallville to comment on the hot Zod/Tess foe yay action. More of this and Chloe plz? #
  • 21:19 @SnarlingBadger - UniqueThrift really does have everything. #
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At long last I have found a thrift store on a par with the one I left behind in college.

Racks and racks, incredibly organized, and good selection: I picked up a couple of skirts (one Calvin Klein), some funky boots and a Stuart Nye pin that cost only $5 (the entire expedition set me back less than $40).

It shares space with a bazaar-type set of vendors which sell everything from motorcycle boots to Mexican (i.e., real sugar) Coca Cola, plus extra socks. Not a thing I needed, but interesting to walk through nonetheless.

I visited with [ profile] geekchick (huge hat tip for discovering it in the first place), [ profile] nminusone, and their friend C. I think we all came away with something.
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...or how I made something ok into something better.

I used to thrift a lot in college, but got out of the habit due to lack of time. However, I was dropping some things off at Goodwill and on a whim stopped in to browse the racks. I found this:

hot pink shrunken jacket

Yes, I know - hot pink! A color I DON'T wear except on very special occasions. But it fit well, was only $7, and didn't have to stay pink.

procedure )
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I rue the day that I discovered Etsy.

Well, not really, but... there are some seriously cool things there:

Any silver charm you can think of

Tiny leather books OMG so cute!

Vintagey pirate/punk accessories

Yes, I'm a satisfied customer :)
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I'm extraordinarily fortunate to live near a quality fabric store.

I went in for a yard of trim to cover threadbare cuffs on a sweater (really, that's all I stopped in for!) and came away with said trim, a new pair of scissors (because I cannot find my regular ones for the life of me), AND ~$7/yard(!) black silk taffeta from a remnant table. I think the latter was marked down because of chalk markings, but those wash off and even if they don't I think there's enough to get a bongrace out of.

Also, I browsed the trim section beyond my needs and if I ever do get it together enough to do the hussar/Adam Ant jacket (aside: frack, this showed up on Google), there is enough variety and quantity of gold and silver cords and braids that I might be able to find everything locally.
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For local peeps - if I were going to be in town I'd be at this in a heartbeat:

Costume Sale

Sidney Harman Hall

General Public Sale: 1pm-6pm
Sidney Harman Hall (610 F Street NW)

Just in time for Halloween, the Shakespeare Theatre Company is holding a magnificent prop and costume sale! With something for everyone, the sale will include costumes from such productions as Edward II, The Silent Woman, The Oedipus Plays, Hamlet, King John, Peer Gynt, Love’s Labor’s Lost, Macbeth and The School for Scandal. Also included are costumes from Tony-award winning designers Martin Pakledinaz, Jane Greenwood and Jess Goldstein, and costumes worn by Kelly McGillis, Floyd King, Ted Van Griethuysen, David Sabin, Nancy Robinette, and Avery Brooks. Costume styles range from medieval, Renaissance and baroque to gothic, art nouveau and 1960s mod. Shoes, hats, masks, dresses, doublets, armor, animal headdresses, leather jackets, cloaks and jewelry will be sold. Prices begin at $1 and increase to over $200.

There will also be spectacular props for sale including a tall red throne decorated for Christmas, large sculpted acrylic wedding rings from Taming of the Shrew, wedding centerpieces from Taming of the Shrew, large children’s building blocks and much, much more! Large props and furniture will need to be picked up during the costume sale hours, and cannot be delivered or stored.
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  • 16:59 RT @wax_fm: #ilovevinyl for the warmth, the artwork, the ritual, the smell, and the thrill of chasing down great old records

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Black Knight MAC, a lipstick so densely pigmented that the color will never grow old or die (well, until I eat something)

Silver vampire teeth charm - c'mon people, the jaw moves, how cool is that?

Yes, I am a small child :P
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A few weeks ago I was having a chat with [ profile] dreamtigress about how I take a certain (maybe irrational) pride in making all my own garb. Sure, I don't have much of it, but I can't see spending hard ca$h on something I could make to my own measurements and specifications myself.

Well, I've capitulated, on at least one count.

I went ahead and purchased an SCA-legal undergarment instead of making my own. It's nothing special to look at, but it's from a vendor I trust, it's relatively inexpensive, and wearing it under any of my other garb makes it automatically safe for rapier fighting under SCA rules. This gives me time to make the outer Shiny Pretties instead of fumbling away on the basics.

I may also do the same with stockings/hose, as I've found woven, bias cut off-the peg for sale.

Yes, I CAN technically make these myself, but having stretched out hemming a skirt to 2 weeks it's time to face facts that in order to make the fun stuff, I may have to [shudder] not do it all myself.

Speaking of that skirt, the lining ain't doing itself....
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  • 22:28 At long, long last a black lipstick that isn't cheap/weak/for Halloween only: My inner teenage goth salutes MAC (again)!

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Today was the first of likely several trips to the local Renn faire this season, and just about a perfect one to start with.

The weather was excellent - not too cold to be comfortable or too hot to wear garb. The company was excellent: [ profile] vree, [ profile] skill_grl and J., with lots of time spent at [ profile] dreamtigress' booth/"treehouse".

In the past couple of years I've spent less time shopping and more time at the stages and pubs. This year [ profile] vree turned me onto The O'Danny Girls (ribald Irish Andrews Sisters) Pyrates Royale (funny folk) and The Interpreters (bawdy sing-alongs).

I did shop a little - I found a feathered hatpin for upcoming hats and considered some tankards. I steered clear of most clothing and even managed to extract myself from the bookstore without incident :P

Mostly it was a pretty day spent with good friends, music, and food on sticks :)

This was preceded by more merriment Friday at Badger's birthday party! The food was barbecue so tender it fell apart and chocolate chip cupcakes among other goodies. I got to nrrd with [ profile] kiya and [ profile] lady_masque. We all played a fencing version of "capture the flag", which was very fun (and my legs didn't punish me too much).

The less said about Spice's follow up vet visit, the better. The good: antibiotics are working and she's going to be fine. The bad: the logistics of getting her to and from the vet + cleanup :( An hour after getting home she's happily rolling around in the floor purring while I'm exasperated by the ordeal of trapping, transporting, bathing and cleaning up. It must be nice to have a minimal frontal cortex sometimes :P

Finished the lacing holes on the kirtle last night. The lacing tape is pre-shrinking in the wash as I type.

Have a few longer posts brewing in the back of my mind, but not now. It's 9 pm Sunday night and I am still sweaty from faire and have laundry to do, with tired eyes besides. Perhaps later when some of my thoughts "gel" a bit more.
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  • There's no way around it - the kirtle skirt is going to come up an inch or so shy of my ankles. I'm going to need to put a guard on the hem - a period solution to a timeless problem, but I'm still a little irked that I didn't (gu)estimate the amount of fabric I needed properly.

    The lining and skirt are attached, each finishing the other = no raw edges, yay! Right now cats are testing structural integrity (hiding between the layers :P) I've decided that this is going to be the project in which I finally experiment with knife pleats, which will involve some math to figure out the pleat size needed for the 3:1 ratio.

  • Said it on Twitter, and I'll say it again: getting the cleaners in has been my best self-indulgence in awhile. What's said about cluttered space = cluttered mind is so true, and my brain has been so freed up for sewing that I'm speeding through this latest project, compared to my usual snail's pace.

  • Speaking of indulging oneself - something bugs me about this post about women letting themselves go. I may be wearing my feminist hat a bit too tight and totally missing the point (Super Kawaii Mama IS a style/fashion inspiration blog, after all), but why is "letting oneself go" expressed 1) sartorially 2) as unique to women, and 3) in terms of keeping up a very feminine appearance? Seriously girly stuff (all that makeup, all that shaving) is a lot of work and while I like the results I find it hard to frame as a special treat :P

    I say this as someone who has been attempting to spruce up a little lately, even on weekends. Even so, I'm not going to start wearing lipstick just to go to the grocery, and a lot of my idea of "me time" involves sweating heavily while playing with weaponry. Though, a pedicure might be nice.

  • Been keeping up with the "baby carrots instead of snack machine" thing for over a week and I'm liking it. The crunch is satisfying and my mouth/teeth feel cleaner. Now I'm trying to reduce dairy intake - Lactaid works, but why wear bullet proof vest when I can take the bullets out of the gun, so to speak? I'm really missing pizza though. And sour cream.

  • Current nostalgia trip: M People's "One Night In Heaven":

    cut for space )
    A bit more diva-esque than my usual tastes, but Heather Small is a hell of a diva - I believe the colloquial would be "damn, that's a set of pipes!" The video is so golden and summery that I want to go there (turns out it was filmed in/around Barcelona. Spain, anyone?)

  • Saw "Half Blood Prince". It's pretty good, though knowing how it all turns out from the books the emotional sucker-punches aren't as jarring as I'd hoped.

  • "Torchwood: Children of Earth", is fantastic, however. Suspense and horror with an excellent villain and the reactions of the characters are believable enough to be truly horrifying. Recommended.

  • Among the weekends other activities I took a pile of recycling and donations out, and thought I'd got off easy, but sitting at a desk all day revealed the pulls and kinks I put into my back from lifting too much - ow. Think a bit of yoga before bed.
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  • 09:23 Feint is to 1) gather info 2) deceive opponent. This is last night's lesson in < 140 char. but it deserves more extensive writeup.
  • 10:09 RT @librarycongress: President, Mrs. Obama to be Honorary Chairs of National Book Festival: <- yay, it continues!
  • 10:33 Forgot to put pn makeup today - my pores are showing. Ah well - my monitor doesn't care :P
  • 12:15 Fantastic customer service re: tabi boots :) If you're local & ever want/need a pair lemme know.
  • 13:30 I think... I think I might be caught up. On housework, hobbies, and the like. Wow - can't remember the last time this happened!
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