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I've not posted in almost a month, so here's the quick and dirty version of what's been up:

  • Health: The "bunion" turned out to be just bursitis, and now I have custom orthotics to keep it from getting worse.

    Fun tip: stick-on velcro in the sole works well for holding orthotics in place.

  • Media: have been sucked into Sleepy Hollow (makes free and loose with the history, but the characters have good chemistry) and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (a couple of strong episodes but still finding it's feet).

    Saw Thor 2; thought the world/main characters were better than in the first one plus more Loki and Darcy = yay. Saw Ender's Game; I enjoyed it but never read the book so I didn't have nostalgia/expectations going in (yes, I know. I rationalize because D. loved the book as a kid before we all knew what a 'phobe Orson Scott Card is).

    Watched "Goonies" and "Beetlejuice" for the first times since…high school? [ profile] jlsjlsjls: Beetlejuice may have showcased the first documented pair of swants (scroll down), and Delia's other costumes definitely pioneered Japanese designers.

  • Sewing: bwahaha! Writing has eaten my sewing time.

  • Writing: still consumes me though I did not do NaNoWriMo; had good writing days both alone and with [ profile] dustdaughter.

    Teaching myself Scrivener because I'm rapidly losing track of multiple Word files.

  • Reading: mostly crunchy academic tomes for the book sprinkled with occasional fiction so my brain doesn't explode. See: Hollow City, Ooomph: A Little Super Goes a Long Way, Halo Effect.

  • Thanksgiving: we spent with [ profile] kiya and [ profile] lady_masque and friends with tons of food.

    Played Arkham Horror for the first time and am staggered at the complexity of the game play.

    Turned everyone on to Alton Brown's cocoa brownies (which I've linked to before but are so good it's worth doing again).

  • Cats: routine vaccination updates turned into clearing up an aggressive ear infection for Spice; she is deaf now, though we don't know whether this is because of infection or treatment :( Due to the stress of repeated vet visits she didn't eat for a week and we're now plying her with tuna and canned food to bulk her back up.

  • Fencing: competed a couple of weeks ago and am proud I was only defeated 10-6 by a scary B rated vet in my final direct elimination.

    Arrogantly(?) think I stand a chance of getting my D this season if I can keep my head on straight.

  • Holiday: only thing planned so far is D.'s office party which is 1) 1920s themed and 2) in CA. So costume and slightly warmer weather = win.

  • Whisky: hoo boy yeah!

I'm very slowly catching up with y'all. I probably won't comment much but know I AM reading.
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From lo these many weeks past:

  • The Star Trek: Into Darkness Spoiler FAQ: Explains the plot holes you can drive a semi through in a very amusing way. Warning: sweary language (the FAQ answerer is clearly of strong opinions). Spoilerage abounds, so I'm declaring comments to this post to be a SPOILER FRIENDLY ZONE for ST:ID.

  • First clip from "Only Lovers Left Alive" features Tom Hiddleston and Tilda Swinton hot un-kissing/making out [YouTube]. VampireLoki + VampireTildaSwinton = how do I get an invite to this party?? 'Cos I need one. For... research.

  • Why do men keep putting me in the girlfriend zone? (Hat tip [ profile] glitter_femme). I've only been in this situation once and the guy got verbally abusive when I told him I wasn't interested. Full disclosure: when I was a stupid teenager I "boyfriend-zoned" a good bit. Then I grew up and learned that the 'verse doesn't owe me boy/girlfriends.

  • Club veteran Princess Julia's piece on the attractions of club life and the role of the DJ. This quote especially resonated with me:

    Mark Moore dj, music producer and frontman of seminal band S-Express began his career as a dj and continues to involve himself in the spirit of it, 'My experience of djing is similar to when friends come round your house and you play music to them. Every record that brings joy to them and blows their mind also brings joy to you so it's really a way of bonding and sharing - communion! The DJ experience is just a bigger version of this with more people and more energy.

    I was the kid ever making mixtapes for my friends to evangelize my taste in music, and that urge to share is part of what got me into radio in college. Even when I was trying to learn to mix, I don't think I ever really wanted to be a club dj - I always wanted to be John Peel, introducing people to sounds they've never heard before.

  • And 'cos the quote is from Mark Moore: Enjoy this trip. And it is a trip. Countdown is progressing... [YouTube]. Oldie but goodie.

  • Remittance Girl's blog post on feeling like an exile stuck in my head: "There have been times in my life, I’ve masqueraded inclusion. I’ve pretended to join, I’ve faked communion, I’ve partaken of the flesh, without swallowing. There is almost always a thin membrane, a wrap of impenetrable film that keeps me in exile." For good or ill, I kinda get that. Even when I've tried I've always felt a bit "off-center", and with age I'm (slowly, oh so very slowly) starting to accept that. (FYI this entry is worksafe but the rest of Remittance Girl's site emphatically is not; having said this if you're looking for quality erotica of all sorts go here).


May. 19th, 2013 06:01 pm
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After being felled by a rotten cold last weekend, I used this one to do all the stuff I'd not been able to:

Local sari shop: that I've known about for months but never visited due to my astounding capacity for passivity, I finally found it after passing it 3 times and it was worth the effort :) I was looking for fabrics that I could potentially use to create a turban and/or lightweight wrap to wear with my Regency gown, and found both a cotton (day) and silk-like-enough polyester (evening). One sari = ~7-9 yards of fabric, so I might be able to get quite a bit more else out of them.

Went with D., Badger, and C. to the latest Star Trek, which I enjoyed. No spoilers, but while I thought the intro scene was a bit over the top (which I guess it had to be, they had to try and top the first movie somehow), I thought Benedict Cumberbatch made a spectacular monologuing baddie, we finally get to see Kirk learn to be less of a jerk, and there was Moar Pegg, which makes everything better.

(Aside - I've also seen Iron Man 3, which D. and I saw opening weekend, because Iron Man. Also enjoyed, though it felt like they were trying to cram in too many different story lines. It also had more badass/competent Rhodey and I didn't think I could enjoy the Pepper/Tony dynamic more until I saw it).

I'm juggling several sewing projects: patching a saber mask for a fencing buddy (I want to see how good my curved mattress needles are at these kinds of repairs), D.'s scholar's robe (which needs a draping, to figure out just what the neckline is doing) and a sized-up Miyake (to see if sizing up one of those cracky patterns is even possible). Save the turbans/wraps I don't think I'm making anything new for Dress U due to lack of time - needing a summer skirt for work is a larger priority. I am also discovering that I make more headway when I stop fidgeting with notions and fscking do it already.

If you can't tell by my typing rhythm here, I'm also drinking more coffee than usual. This may or may not be a good thing, but it's acclimating me to upcoming greater caffeine requirements created by a con (1st weekend of June) followed the next week by an uncon (the second).
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Gathered from here, there, and everywhere:

Learn to be a better writer by reading fanfiction - especially the bits about villians needing motivation and using crackfic to get unstuck.

John Cleese on creativity - “Creativity is not a talent. It is a way of operating.” - so true. Hat tip @ITSLENNYHENRY (yes, the real one).

Femme Doctors and crossplayers: not that different - elegant description of the what cross play is and isn’t, and why it’s appealing. Wonderful fun, but also put on your gender studies hat.

Dates to remember for 2013 - first two weeks of May are looking awfully good. And there’s gonna be a 3rd Riddick movie? Hat tip D.

The Star Trek-Middleman crossover you’ve been cautiously excited for - seriously, if you never watched The Middleman, go forth and view now. It’s rather like Firefly, killed before it’s time, wonderfully witty and only 13 hours of footage. Related: Middleman-Doctor Who crossover.

Edit 7:45 pm Links fixed. Dunno what LJ was doing adding extra quotes.
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Whilst cruising Tumblr for pix of Tilda Swinton for my Style Inspirations Pinterest board*, I happened across: So apparently there’s a movie coming out where Tom Hiddleston and Tilda Swinton are two vampires in love and this sounds promising:

movie poster )

More plot here, but "Tom Hiddleston and Tilda Swinton are two vampires in love" is enough to convince me I'd watch this movie every day and twice on Sundays :P My only question is why Hiddleston gets first billing. After all, he is not The Tilda.

*As an aside, I'm loving Pinterest. Takes up lots less space and effort than my old method of cataloging fashion pictures I like by cutting up magazines!
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I've been non-communicative (surprise!) and reclusive lately. Not winter weather ('cos we've not really had any) but just a lot of small things constantly going on.

In addition to my usual going and doing, I've made a dent in the pile 'o books, though "pile" is a misnomer as I'm still so enthralled at having thousands of pages in one slim volume that almost everything has been on my Kindle. Mike Carey's Felix Castor series = unputdownable, and I highly recommend it to Dresden Files fans who are itching for something new.

For online reading let me direct you towards Neptune's Fool. It's the travel blog of a friend of mine who is about to run away to sea aboard a tall ship for a year. Though boats are not my thing and I will miss her much, I wish I had the sheer nerve and tenacity to boldly live a dream, and look forward to reading more of her exploits.

[ profile] sealwhiskers is pointing me towards Anno 1790, a Swedish crime drama set in the 18th century that isn't on my local PBS (yet?) but might be on yours. I love me some history and I've never read much about Sweden's so there's not only the story and costumes but the new to look forward to.

I'm also editing down a few hours of fencing footage into bout-sized clips. Once I stop cringing at my mistakes and marveling at how closely I resemble a beer can on legs, I actually get some useful feedback from it in terms of form (good or bad), what works, and some sense of my mental bell curve (do well at beginning, stupid in middle, some recovery at end. Sometimes).

Aaaand I'm still working on the never-ending vest - hand sewing of any kind makes the most "instant gratification" of projects not so instant :P I'd like to finish it sometime this year month so I can work on. ..something else. A robe for D. or a 1910s Downton Abbey dress, or accessories for the Regency (hell, get the Regency photographed) or....

Speaking of D., a lot of the hard work he's done over the past few months is paying off all at once, but he's worked himself into a cold and is spending recupe time watching all the movies in the Marvel 'verse (Spiderman, Iron Man, Captain America, etc.). So I've been watching movies too.

Back to laundry/editing...
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..was an eventful one:

I had my last fencing lesson of the year this morning, with an exciting new twist - working on my lunge. As in, lunging and then shifting my weight back and forth between my back and front legs. While doing bladework. And keeping my back upright, legs stable, and no bobbing up and down. This is necessary for reach, stability, and injury avoidance.

Con: besides being technically difficult it hurts like a mother_)*(!_! Coach mentioned an ideal of being able to do splits(!) at which I laughed because I couldn't even do those as a child! Pro: this is something I can do while I'm at home/traveling without equipment. And I'll force myself to do it, because I won't be on a fencing strip again until January.

D. and I went to see "Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy" in the afternoon. Wow.. it is good, but so subtle, all of the acting is in the facial expressions so it takes careful viewing. I had some difficulty keeping track of characters and following the plot and I suspect it's easier to follow if you've read the book (I picked it up on the way home). ObCostume: The costumes and sets were straight from the seventies. I noticed no obvious shortcuts (like bad wigs) or anachronisms; the latter admittedly may have been easier because most of the actors were older men who are presumably less hung up on adding Hollywood style glamour where none is wanted. Go see it, but read the book first if you can!

Off to finish up Boardwalk Empire. And laundry.
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Just looked at the ol' LJ and doG, it's been awhile since I updated:

Christmas prep moves along. I am *mostly* done with gift selection. I kept meaning to add more to the "tree" but given that we're traveling next Wednesday I've resigned myself to further decoration just not happening. I WILL be celebrating with chocolate chip cookies this weekend.

Cats are doing much better. Spice was finishing up her medicine over and the pet sitter got scratched a couple of times :( Both are frisky because of the colder weather. Which works out, because the pet sitter also got them used to getting a treat of canned food every morning :P

I did finally finish cutting the vest out of the fashion fabric, but have been distracted by an ongoing intriguing stacks of books (sidebar: Goodreads is fantastic for keeping track of my reading, and doesn't have a puny 100 book limit like LibraryThing). I could share the saga of my extravagant wine spill on my copy of Moda a Firenze II(!! thank the publisher for slick paper, or it would be in much worse shape than it is).

Got D. "Hogfather" as an early Christmas present and we watched last night (see: yesterday's writer's block). We're planning on seeing the new Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy if I can pull D. away from Star Wars: The Old Republic long enough (I am a video game widow, at least temporarily. Which is fine with me as D. has been a fencing widower at least 3 times a week for years now :P).

Speaking of which: my improvement is slow, but does continue. I managed to have a good day at a big regional competition a couple of weeks ago despite having an asthma attack (or problem - I could breathe, just not well. Sidebar: dry air is definitely a trigger), and got some video at club this week per the gently insistent advice of my coach. I've also decided that instead of letting video back up I need to figure out how to burn it to disc. To that end I'm downloading video editing freeware. Hopefully in the new year I can make good on giving discs to my fencing buddies who get filmed along with me.

And I'll have time to do this because I have to use up excess leave before the end of the year, which gives me just over 2 weeks away from work, with travel bookended by free days on both sides - huzzah!
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I don't think I would have believed in the record early snowfall if I hadn't been out in it (my hair was pushing down my ears so cut COULD NOT WAIT). Happily there was enough to be pretty, but warm enough so it didn't mess up the roads (though visibility was tough).

Watched the 2011 "Jane Eyre" and enjoyed it - I thought the acting was great, and the actress playing Jane Eyre was suitably plain but Michael Fassbender was miscast as Rochester, not because he can't perform the Broody McBrooderson but because he's too damn pretty. ObCostume: I'm no 19th c. expert so I'm not sure how accurate they were, but I'm reminded why I think the 1820s-40s "Dickens"-era women's clothing is among the least flattering of any historical period: the dresses that look like they belong on china dolls, the hair that looks like dog's ears - though the bodice construction is fascinating (are those front panels bias cut?)

Cold weather calls for alpaca socks (so springy, not to warm or too cold!), chicken biryani, and cocoa brownies. These suckers may keep me up later than I'd like :P
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Good question. It was only after watching the Queen: Days of Our Lives documentary at my sister's suggestion that I realized I know a LOT of their songs despite never really following them. So many of their singles became ubiquitous that Queen is unavoidable, I suspect everyone has a favorite whether they're a fan or not.

I have a particular affection for "We Are the Champions" because I associate it with "A Knight's Tale", but only in the original - Robbie Williams IS NO FREDDIE MERCURY, so I'm not going to post the video :P But, I will post the Knight's Tale intro for knights who rock you:

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"Pet Sematary".

Laugh if you will, but I saw it as an overwrought 14 year old, and the family cat was a large, black intimidating creature when he prowled the halls at night (actually, he was all the time, but at night he cast enormous shadows).

Idjit me decided to desensitize myself by reading the novel it was based on.

I don't think I slept for 2 weeks.
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Responding mostly so my Depp-mad friends will know about this meme and participate:

Having recently seen "Stranger Tides" I have to say it's the Pirates of the Carribean series. Maybe not his most challenging role, but he's managed to make a character from a movie based on an outdated Disneyland ride his own, and I reckon his putting on gold teeth and running around the Bahamas like a drunk ostrich every few years helps pay for his more serious, "indie" roles. Besides, he gets to play with swords!
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  • I've found that the cross-training sneaks I use for fencing lose their "squish" after ~6 months. Replacing them has done a LOT to avert the back/knee pain I've had over the past couple of weeks.

  • Cotton batiste is easier to gather than any other fabric I've worked with: stiff enough to hold itself in place for sewing without a million pins but fine enough that the gathers don't have to be PERFECTLY even.

  • POTC 4 does not suffer the lack of Orlando Bloom/Keira Knightley - Johnny Depp and Geoffrey Rush chew enough scenery for everyone combined.

  • I need a pirate coat. But then again, who doesn't?

  • Either I've acclimated or the A/C about isn't cranking as hard as it used to, because for the first time in years I can wear sandals indoors without my feet going numb. Huh.

  • Angel rewatch: just got through the abysmal Connor storyline. Up next: season of Spike and wee little puppet man.
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I don't usually watch the Oscars, which may be surprising given my fashion nerdery - wouldn't I WANT to see all the celebs in their fantastic gowns?

And yeah - I love a pretty dress as much as anyone else who cares about such things, but one after another perfect porcelain beauty gets really dull. Short version: A lot of what La Garconniere says about the catty fashion-policing of any woman who doesn't fit a very narrow definition of on-trend, mainstream beauty resonates with me, as much for aesthetic reasons as social/feminist/political ones.

Growing up in the shoulder-padded, acid washed jeans suburban fashion wasteland, I fantasized about a fashion world that encouraged expression and exploration, clothes as toys instead of rigorous enforcers of normality. Working retail kind of shattered that illusion, as retailers are in the business of making money, and selling a safe definition is easier than selling endless options.

As relief, I leave you with On This Day in Fashion's Rachel’s Top-10 “F*ck It” Oscar Outfits. Again, love 'em or 'hate 'em, Diane Keaton's real-life Annie Hall and Bjork's "swan dress" are a welcome change from unrelenting, unchallenging perfection.
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  • 01:04:27: RT @ThespianSheldon: If you play Jaws backwards, it's about a shark that throws up so many people they have to open a beach.

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  • 00:42:45: RT @AntiWacko: MT @SandiBehrns: Less than 2% of Planned Parenthood visits involve abortion. A vote to defund is a vote against women's h ...
  • 00:45:40: RT @Kevin_Church If you ever forget how good HOT FUZZ is, watch HOT FUZZ and you will be reminded of how good HOT FUZZ is #hintsforliving

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This weekend I had every great and good intention of renewing my driver's license, getting my hair cut, and embarking on an epic sewing binge that would finish the Regency and even allow time leftover to cut out something new.

Two of these three happened.

I did finish the Regency sleeves (but not the gown) while indulging in bad/cheesy tv and movies.

I finally watched "Inglourious Basterds" in its entirety. It works better as a series of vignettes written in the same alternative history than as a whole; indeed, the titular Basterds' storyline is only about half of the movie. I'm sure much could be said about Tarantino making a movie about movies, IB as a parody of propaganda etc. but I'm not that well versed in film criticism. I will say that as guilt-free revenge fantasy goes, it's hard to improve on "killin' nat-zees" with all the attendant gore and violence (the side of arm porn ain't bad either). And surprisingly(?) the costumes (at least the women's) are really good.

Also indulged in some Deadliest Warrior, which counts as "guilty" for me not for the violence (the final showdown takes place as a computer simulation) but for the likely historical incompleteness/inaccuracies: I can't believe they portrayed William Wallace as blue-painted and kilt-clad (yes, THIS is what bothers me, not the fact that his his opponent was Shaka Zulu), and maybe it's just me but IRA vs. Taliban is just, too soon. But: swords! Axes! Messy destruction of pig carcasses and ballistic gel dummies! Snarky team rivalries! And some totally improbable pairings make it curiously compelling visual junk food.
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  • 12:08:16: Didn't know Montefeltro's studiolo was on display at @metmuseum: . Another sightsee for next NYC visit. #art
  • 19:33:46: RT @danphilpott: For the record, Myrna Loy was the bomb.

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