Oct. 1st, 2013

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I'm angry. Sort of.

Intellectually, it's infuriating in it's sheer grandstanding. Someone needs to tell the freshman Tea Partiers that stunts like this didn't help the GOP back in 1996 and sure as hell won't now.

Practically, as a government contractor I won't get paid until my office opens back up. And I'm one of the lucky ones who has a savings cushion; certain of my friends and acquaintances are already looking at a financial pinch, and I feel for them.

But in other ways...I'm kinda relieved.

I do not do "staycations" if I can help it. Whenever I take time off it's to do something, preferably to go somewhere. Which is GREAT, as I sit on my ass 40 hours a week and I don't want to do more of the same when I have time off, but it also means all that hypothetical stuff I'd do if I had "more time" doesn't happen, because I'm not physically here to do it.

So here I am presented with a chunk of enforced staycation, so I'm going to use it to its full, as there are a bunch of things I can do for free:

  • Research/read. Maybe the never-ending book pile will see a dent in the next few days, the timeline will get further filled out.

  • Write. All it costs is pixels and memory, and I've got a character development writing class starting today that is already paid for.

  • Sew. See: fabric/pattern hoarding; might as well make stuff.

  • Fence/work out. 'Cos I already have the gear/equipment and it would help work off some of my ever-present nervous energy.

Because to sum up, that's what I want right now: to make stuff all day, eat something tasty and have good conversation for dinner, and then burn off the rest of the day with a good workout. Wake up, do the same thing again. Repeat until someone smiles - usually me, and if I can bring others with me then that's icing :)

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