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This week 2 things started going bad: my car and my feet.

Car: Part of this has likely been my fault; I went twice over the recommended mileage between oil changes so when I went in they had to do a lot in addition to the oil change: rotate tires, change air filter, replace rear light bulb, etc. all of which went well.

Things started going south when they unwittingly rolled down my "trick" driver's side window - beyond a certain point it always sticks and the only way to roll it back up is to take the inside door panels off and do it manually. Which they dutifully did, but it required a lot of time on both mine and the mechanic's parts.

This morning I wake up to find that something has shorted out the trunk latch as well. It won't stay closed, which means that even if the battery stays charged (increasingly unlikely) I'll likely get pulled over if I drive it.

I'm going to try and take it into the mechanic this week and get it fixed but I'm not too concerned about a long term fix because all of this is a strong indicator that it's time to get a new(er) car. Not how I wanted to spend the next couple of weeks, but this is a long time coming and can't wait anymore.

I'm looking at a hybrid because I like the ethics of extreme fuel efficiency, but much as I like D.'s Prius I don't like the lack of rear visibility when switching lanes so I'm not sure what I'm going to end up with.

On the up side: NEW CAR!

My feet: I do believe I'm developing a bunion on my right foot! I'm no expert but I'm definitely getting a tender bump and my big toe is developing an obvious inward angle. Neither side of my family has a history of bunions and I don't wear heels often so I can only suspect that this is another artifact of fencing. It doesn't hurt too much or look bad...yet. I've booked an appointment with a podiatrist to fix this before either happens: not only do I not want another painful circus like I had a few years ago with plantaar fasciitis, I am too young and too vain to have bony "old lady" feet yet :P (And I love my occasional heel, gorramit!).
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  • 10:03 Treasure trove: Early Modern Dress and Textiles Research Network:
  • 10:36 Roundtable on race, diversity, LARP, subculture etc. in steampunk:
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At Memoirs of a Skepchick, and not just 'cos I've got the bunny slippers - the FSM tree-topper cracks me up!
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My 8 year old self (hell, perhaps myself now) would SO wear one of these. Found thru Panda Head DC Style, like I need another reason to windowlick at Etsy :P
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Chateau Bizarre - links to all manner of cool clothing things - Gothic Lolita styles for grownups ([ profile] geekchick, I'm looking at you), gothic everything, really, quirky bags and accessories, toys for kids and adults, customized book covers, and other manner of coolness.
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  • Shopping takes a lot more time than I'd hoped it would.

  • I want something "different" shoe wise, but I don't know what.

  • 8 oz of catnip is A WHOLE HUGE LOT MORE than you think it is ;)
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No, not THOSE kind of pleasures! :P

Last night D. and I went out to a local Italian restaurant. Not our usual haunt, which offers tasty food in great abundance, but a place across the street that's been there for years that we didn't go to simply because the location suggested that it was probably a sub and pizza joint :P D. discovered it was actually a modest but very highly regarded county restaurant while reading reviews and it's he I must credit that we finally went.

Oh. My.

There's food for fuel, food that is abundant and tasty but nothing exceptional or unexpected (think Cheesecake Factory or Outback Steakhouse) and then there's surprisingly savory food that you want to eat slowly so as to catch every nuance. This place is definitely the latter :)

inadequate food description )

Portions were reasonable and I left feeling full but not stuffed. We will definitely be going back - it's practically in our backyard so it will be hard to resist!

Engaged in other sensual pleasures today by making my first trip to G Street Fabrics since.. I don't know when. Last fall sometime, whenever the designer fabric section had the ultrasuede out.

I went with the hopes of finding reasonably priced linen, and though that fell through I did pet a lot of other things - silk chiffons, Tasmanian wool (soft and velvety, not scratchy at all), Aleskine (silk/wool blend), leather (in perfect oxblood red, but not enough for the vest, alas), satin-woven cotton shirting... ahh!!

I admit I'm still nervous about working with or even looking at certain luxury fabrics. I constantly doubt that I have the patience or knowhow to choose a project that would be workable in, say, silk chiffon, and almost feel like my ignorance shows on my face and the salespeople would shoot me before they'd sell me any but - yeah, I know that's stupid. I need to just bite the bullet and realize that after all these years with a sewing machine, I might actually know what I'm doing :P
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Courtesy D., who noted with humor that it took a guy to find custom women's tailoring for reasonable prices:

Land's End custom fit blouses (they also do custom jeans and chinos).

$49-89 is still steep but a lot cheaper than $175+ and easier than making it myself.

I'm going to play with their little sizing app a bit and think about what I might want for this fall (and after my finances recover from the Congress :P)
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In the past few weeks I've come across the following sites addressing men's style:

BoldSwaths men's fashion blog. New and not rigorously geared towards the broad shouldered, wasp-waisted set. Fashion heavy but contains some diet/toiletries stuff. is more interior decoration/gadget heavy, but they get my "cool" vote simply for linking to the Stewart/Colbert '08 shirt.

Gentleman's Emporium - kickin' it EXTREMELY old-school with "authentic historical clothing and calligraphy supplies"; I don't know how historically accurate they are but they have things like pocket watches, walking sticks, and full Victorian outfits for incredibly good prices. Some women's stuff too, but I've not explored it yet because I'm too busy coveting beautiful tailored frock coats and top hats for myself :P Browncoats note: lots of this would be adaptable for Firefly-themed costumes.
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And you know who you are: "Party Like 'Tis 1599" t-shirt. Courtesy L., who is surely reading somewhere out there!

I SO wish this were another color!!
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Today I went out to use a $20 off promotional thingie, in search of sports bras.

shopping musings here )
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"Discovered" a couple of new gourmet/organic food shops this weekend. In quotes because I'd seen them in passing and been told about them, but never took the time to actually go in before.

One of 'em is almost like a cross between a Whole Foods/Trader Joes's and my regular vitamin shop; a nice one-stop for bulk spices, fresh veg, vitamins and organic beauty products. I went specifically in search of Dagoba chocolates - they had them AND HOW - I'll definitely be getting this [swoon] for serious winter chocogasm!

The other is stuffed to the gills with imported wines, cheeses, crackers, and other imported goodies from everywhere. Didn't need anything this go so didn't get anything, but next time I'm looking for really unusual tasty things I'm going there.

Between the two I've got a local approximation of the Addictive Deli/Liquor Store from Heaven (or at least Cloud 8) next to the Yummy Indian Restaurant in Kalamazoo this past spring.

Yeah, I never did do a K. Zoo post, and it feels like striking while the iron is wet, melted and gone to do so now. Short version: 5 days of high-pressure medieval study and socializing. Medievalists tend to be a very smart, stimulating, and attractive bunch. The coffee sucks but the book room should be illegal, and chocolate martinis facilitate conversation like mad. Go, go, yes, we should all go!
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Finally ordered the CAFT baby tee. I've never ordered from CafePress before, so I'll wait to see the quality (or lack thereof) on one before I order another.

It is worth noting that CafePress has a fencing t-shirt store, with lots of funnies and goodies. It is also worth noting that if you type "serenity firefly" into their search engine you'll come up with 160 pages (!) of (mostly) fan designed merchandise (damn!)

Edit: Just realized that some of the shirts under "fencing" are about fencing the U.S.' borders and have a racist tone - the tragedy of keywords is that such expressions get lumped in with all the swordsmanship tees :(
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Attn: [ profile] betnoir:

Other Firefly fans can have the whole of Blue Sun shirts: me, I'll just take the Companion Academy Fencing Team shirt ("Fast Like A Freak").

Hat tip [ profile] semmie17.
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Besame Cosmetics - very 1940s [filing away for future reference].
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After 4 months, I've resigned myself to the reality that I'm not going to be able to order the Kyoto Fashion Museum's "Fashion" book using my Borders gift card - they just aren't going to be able to get it. When I have spare $ I'll have to look for it through less discounted channels :P

However, this frees up my gift card for this, this, and this. Rather like horse racing, I'm taking bets on which will arrive first/last/at all, but you'll have to take your winnings in chocolate or spankings :P
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I was just talking today about how the internet helps us find those who share our particular, specific interests, and lo: clicking "Vivienne Westwood" on my interests page found me [ profile] vwestwood. Perhaps even more incredibly, it's active(!)

I am thrilled to tiny pieces to find that at least one nation on this earth (Japan) makes rocking horse shoe knockoffs - even the price is reasonable (that 9800 yen translates to roughly $85 USD). No shopping now, but filing away in my mental banks for the future.

Now if she would just license with a pattern company, my sartorial life would be whole... for awhile...
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Probably posted before, but stands posting again: R.D. Franks Ltd.: Fashion Books · Fashion Magazines · Trend Forecasting · Subscription Service.

I feel a curious need to go to London now...
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D. finally figured out the calculator functions for this math section. Not perfect yet, but it's no longer throwing an error. I have to say that when I lose my head, D. always keeps his safely screwed on - ain't nothing like a geek boy (I say to the Mal droolers - he might be fun, but Wash is the one you keep :P) But anyway...

Yes, the homework is still royally kicking my ass. In order not to go completely insane, I took breaks to windowlick (this! I mean, look at the price! And the Lacis books section has some foreign language titles I didn't know about).

Also had a dark chocolate M&M break, but not too much as I'm not sure they're making these anymore, so I'm hoarding. This breaks my little black heart, but at least dark chocolate Kisses are still manufactured.

I'm going to step away from the computer because I'm fighting a headache and have been staring at a screen so long that my eyes are starting to get blurry. Think I'll do a bit of hand sewing while watching "Hex" (yep, it's just another screen, but at least it's across the room).
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Yes, I DID go see Harry Potter last night :)

snipped for space. Short version: I liked it )

Yesterday I was mostly useless. For some reason getting up with the alarm + no coffee set me on "tired" mode all day - I napped before the movie and was still a bit lethargic during dinner afterwards. I crashed about 11:30 last night when the words in my book started to garble together.

This morning sleeping in + coffee put me in a more alert state of mind, so I did a bit of shopping.

Last weekend I went out to one of the local funky shopping areas with [ profile] shemhazai. Until last week it had been several years since I'd been out there and I'd forgotten what a fun neighborhood it is - sometimes it takes someone who doesn't live here to drag me out of my routine and remind me of these things :P We'd gone mostly because Shem wanted to see The House of Musical Traditions, but there is so much more there!

Last week I kept my $ in my pocket in an attempt to behave myself, though there were many shiny things to be seen. This week, I decided that I DID want that bag, so I went back to this little shop and found one I liked even better.

I also remembered a red-brown vintage 1940's suit jacket with a velvet collar in a vintage shop across the street that was just beautiful. Given that I was parked right there I decided that if it was still there and fit, it was meant to be. It was, and did, and was only $42 and in excellent shape :)

Gawked at the cute houses on the way home (so CUTE! Small and cottage-like with front porches with rocking chairs. One day, one day...) and did some sewing: D. designed a kind of wallet/cuff to velcro around his upper arm for his walks, and as he so seldom asks for me to make anything for him I thought this might take precedence over my pirate coat which is almost finished... almost..

Also some reading and writing to do tonight. A fair weekend :)

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