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I've been so busy with new car research this past week that I completely forgot to post about last weekend's other activities, in which I did two new things.

First off, I used Skype for the first time. I've long known about it (how could I not?) but given my disinclination to use the phone I had no reason to use it until C.* moved to Germany and it became the best/cheapest way to call her.

Setting it up was easy, though it took some Googling to assure me that my laptop had both microphone and speakers (the extent of miniaturization of all these things never ceases to amaze me).

We had a nice long chat without having to worry about fees, time, or bars/coverage, etc. Also the video was nice because we could show each other our houses!

The other new thing was a bit harder. A fencing buddy, C., has been taking horseback riding lessons with the aim of learning to herd cattle and/or joust. I have no real interest in either of these but I do like horses and riding them, though I hadn't been on one since I was a kid, and then it was mostly for walking along park trails or the like. So, I thought some instruction wouldn't hurt: activities help me be social and this would be another social skill, and I thought it might be something D. and I could do together. Also, C. said it was good for core strength and core strength helps the fencing, so I signed D. and I up.

The lesson was great, as was the stable, but horseback riding more involved than I thought it would be! I enjoyed that we were told how to approach and lead the horse to the indoor ring, and I finally learned the names of bits and bridles and the other odd array of leather horse trappings that bewildered me as a child.

Riding went...ok. Walking felt familiar, but trotting is tons harder than it looked. Staying upright while bouncing in time with the horse's rhythm is a workout and not easy (and yes, it is FANTASTIC for posture!); I would need a lot more instruction to do this confidently.

So, I'm not going out riding with my friends anytime soon, though D. and I both had fun and agreed while we're not at the enthusiasm level of "OMG let's sign up for 20 lessons NOW!!" we'd definitely do it again.

*For the uninitiated: C. is my best friend/"sister from another mister" who I've known since I was 11. Her husband is military so they move around a lot, hence Germany.
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Today I went to the local SCA University.

It was the first time I've been to an SCA event in... I'm not sure how long. I always make time for local universities though, because the training and conversation is always the best.

And I was not disappointed. I attended interesting classes on Hispano-Flemish clothing (the bit on headwear was VERY helpful) fencing psychology (remarkably informative for my sport game as well), Elizabethan bags (more evidence I should learn to work with leather) and German tailor's books (elegant, logical patterns with Eastern European twists).

But... as a social event I was disappointed with myself.

I didn't plan adequately: I didn't get enough sleep, I got there late with no feast gear and hence, no water, so by the end of the day I was almost nodding off.

I did make the effort to talk to all 3 of the people I knew there, and chat a bit with the one person I was introduced to, but... goddamn, I still find talking to new people to be difficult! One of the main reasons I love the internet is that communicating with people online first provides me with context about them and pretext to approach them, so it's less intimidating. However, I'm not involved enough in my local SCA email lists so I didn't have this background to work with.

I also feel like I have nothing to contribute. The SCA community thrives on participation, and I don't have anything new to say, nothing I know well enough to teach, and am not "embedded" enough to help out logistically.

As such, I feel like I had no impact on anyone, and am again the one who made no impression, for good or ill.

The one thing I can do is fence: it's a pretext for being social and I can be of use by being an opponent. I didn't today because I was just too wiped by the time pick-ups started.

An interesting observation I'm not attaching any judgment to is that while I was excited about all the garb ideas I got today, I don't have an overwhelming feeling of inadequacy for not having ALL THE THINGS nor have the painful urge to make up for it RIGHT NOW.

For next SCA event: have enough rest and water so I can fence, and make sure it's an event with fencing because my enjoyment socially hinges on my ability to do something. I'm a fighter, not a talker (at least not with new people), so I should play to that.
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Last weekend I stuck to my initiative to get out more and went to see the Diaghilev and the Ballets Russes exhibit with Badger.

rambling, and linkage )

Picked up the catalog (I've learned my lesson re: Smithsonian publications: snag it when it's there, because they do very small runs) and it's very well illustrated (ObFencing: one of the costumes employs a fencing mask).

So, glad I went, would heartily recommend.
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Despite my misgivings, I actually rocked at Nationals. As in, alarmingly so.

getting there, and there )

the competition, now with spectators )

wandering )

All in all a good end to the season and several months of banging my head against the wall :)
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It got off to a rocky-ish start, but it's a fine little con :)

The rocky: driving in traffic in 90F weather with no A/C. Also, my calf seized from freezing on the brake too long and the "ping" took the rest of the weekend to work itself out up my right side - not pleasant.

But, the good:

Good people! Dress U is small (only 35 people, but, hey, it's only their 2nd year) so it was easy to keep track of names and faces. I got to hang with [ profile] danabren and co., and conversation flowed easily and hilariously. I was surprised but pleased at the number of people who came from way out of town - New Orleans and SF were represented along with much of the mid Atlantic.

The classes: many were Victorian-oriented, which isn't necessarily my cup of tea, but I find that I can find something unusual and interesting in almost any costume-related presentation, and this was no different. The class on presentation at the Edwardian court was a nice slice of social history, in which I learned to curtsey in a train. And speaking of trains, I attended a class on dust ruffles which illuminated just how one kept one's dress train clean during the 19th century.

Possibly the one most immediately useful were tips and tricks on how to get decent costume photos. Simply changing the angle and lighting can make a huge difference, even with a smart phone. Need to employ this new knowledge SOON.

The events: I enjoyed that there wasn't the pressure of a competition or masquerade, but plenty of events to dress for: formal dinner, mad tea party, tiara and jampagne (which unfortunately I couldn't stick around for). It inspired me to pull out the stops, bring my gear and make an effort! I couldn't hold a candle to most of the people there - these folks are disciplined and far more talented than I, and it was a joy to just look...

I am also starting to see the appeal of tiaras, though I imagine it would take some doing to find one that will stay in short hair.

My wardrobe: not as cumbersome as expected; I got most of it into a single large Tupperware bin, 1 hat box, and a couple of hangers. I restricted myself to two changes a day for convenience, with a fairly even split between women's (mock Fortuny, front lacing kirtle, Regency ball gown) and men's (tux and top hat, doublet and venetians, militaryesque vest and bicorne) throughout the weekend.

[ profile] danabren was kind enough to help me get into my Regency outfit and I was pleased that it still fit after ~3 years. Even with shift, stays, and petticoat underneath it was still surprisingly cool, and I DID finish the accessories to go with (picture forthcoming).

Give my muscle twinge it was convenient that I spent most of the first day in stays of one sort or another, as they helped support my back (as an aside, they also make doing push-ups easier. But I digress).

Also of note: much as I love historic women's clothing, I am too severe looking to meet the ideals of most historic periods' ideals of female beauty, but damn, can I rock the menswear! (It's also easier to dress myself).

My only regret is that there wasn't more conversation. The first night was an absinthe-fueled gabfest of getting to know you and wild costume adventures, but by Saturday many of us were tired. In a way it was for the best - I needed to spend some time flat on my back.

Will definitely consider doing this one again, for the chat aspects at the very least!
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Given that this was a 3 day weekend and next weekend is Dress U, I decided to use the time filling in some gaps in my costume wardrobe, specifically accessories for my as yet unworn white Regency gown.

I was partially successful in my efforts.

I needed headwear - in almost every historical period women covered their head with something, and to hide my anachronistic hair. My initial plan was to create one "casual", one dressy, out of sari fabric I picked up last weekend. This worked out partially.

I am so enamored of the green that I decided my test run would be on the red, using Lynn McMaster's directions for creating a wrapped turban (alas, site is down, this link is Google's cache).

Um, no.

Wrapping a turban turns out to be too much like doing hair - managing a long strip of fabric is difficult when I can't see what I'm doing. I couldn't wrap it even once that tucked in everything as I liked, so creating a sewn together version wasn't possible either. I like the idea, so maybe I'll try it again when I have more time/patience/help, but on to plan B.

The cap turban/beret (scroll down). It's not my favorite look because to my modern eyes it looks excessively fluffy and chef hat-ty, but it was blessedly easy to make. I used the same pattern I used back in '04 for Think Pink (damn, has it been that long?) and lined it with plain muslin.

Ideally I'd be able to get a wonderful ostrich feather plume as trim, but I can't find any from my usual sources and my creativity is maxed out enough that I'm not coming up with any other ideas.

I used another 3 yards to make a matching shawl, which still leaves me with plenty left over to make a Miyake tunic I've been sitting on for awhile.

The punch line: I may not even be able to wear the gown unless I can find someone to help me dress. This is one of my grievances with historical clothing: it's damn near impossible to dress oneself, which offends my modern sense of sartorial autonomy. But, I do have a back up outfit and if not next weekend I've got the accessories now.
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I've often mused out loud that sometime in this lifetime I'm going to have to make it to what I consider to be the 3* geek/alternative/genre events on the calendar year: 1) DragonCon 2) ComicCon 3) Pennsic War.

All of these look interesting for various reasons (Classes! Costumes! Nerdery!) but also HUGE and intimidating to the uninitiated/introverts, which is why I've never made much effort to do anything about my curiosity.

But in the spirit of "new things are how we grow", how does one manage potential sensory overload at an event of multiple thousands of people/hotels/events? And how does one prepare (because all require costumes, and some camping equipment)?

Veterans of any of these events (particularly if social is fun but sucks the air out of you), I ask for your wisdom/advice.

*I have a passing curiosity about Burning Man but given that I've never camped before I think desert endurance camping is beyond my physical capabilities. I have no interest in heatstroke/dehydration, etc.
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From lo these many weeks past:

  • The Star Trek: Into Darkness Spoiler FAQ: Explains the plot holes you can drive a semi through in a very amusing way. Warning: sweary language (the FAQ answerer is clearly of strong opinions). Spoilerage abounds, so I'm declaring comments to this post to be a SPOILER FRIENDLY ZONE for ST:ID.

  • First clip from "Only Lovers Left Alive" features Tom Hiddleston and Tilda Swinton hot un-kissing/making out [YouTube]. VampireLoki + VampireTildaSwinton = how do I get an invite to this party?? 'Cos I need one. For... research.

  • Why do men keep putting me in the girlfriend zone? (Hat tip [ profile] glitter_femme). I've only been in this situation once and the guy got verbally abusive when I told him I wasn't interested. Full disclosure: when I was a stupid teenager I "boyfriend-zoned" a good bit. Then I grew up and learned that the 'verse doesn't owe me boy/girlfriends.

  • Club veteran Princess Julia's piece on the attractions of club life and the role of the DJ. This quote especially resonated with me:

    Mark Moore dj, music producer and frontman of seminal band S-Express began his career as a dj and continues to involve himself in the spirit of it, 'My experience of djing is similar to when friends come round your house and you play music to them. Every record that brings joy to them and blows their mind also brings joy to you so it's really a way of bonding and sharing - communion! The DJ experience is just a bigger version of this with more people and more energy.

    I was the kid ever making mixtapes for my friends to evangelize my taste in music, and that urge to share is part of what got me into radio in college. Even when I was trying to learn to mix, I don't think I ever really wanted to be a club dj - I always wanted to be John Peel, introducing people to sounds they've never heard before.

  • And 'cos the quote is from Mark Moore: Enjoy this trip. And it is a trip. Countdown is progressing... [YouTube]. Oldie but goodie.

  • Remittance Girl's blog post on feeling like an exile stuck in my head: "There have been times in my life, I’ve masqueraded inclusion. I’ve pretended to join, I’ve faked communion, I’ve partaken of the flesh, without swallowing. There is almost always a thin membrane, a wrap of impenetrable film that keeps me in exile." For good or ill, I kinda get that. Even when I've tried I've always felt a bit "off-center", and with age I'm (slowly, oh so very slowly) starting to accept that. (FYI this entry is worksafe but the rest of Remittance Girl's site emphatically is not; having said this if you're looking for quality erotica of all sorts go here).


May. 19th, 2013 06:01 pm
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After being felled by a rotten cold last weekend, I used this one to do all the stuff I'd not been able to:

Local sari shop: that I've known about for months but never visited due to my astounding capacity for passivity, I finally found it after passing it 3 times and it was worth the effort :) I was looking for fabrics that I could potentially use to create a turban and/or lightweight wrap to wear with my Regency gown, and found both a cotton (day) and silk-like-enough polyester (evening). One sari = ~7-9 yards of fabric, so I might be able to get quite a bit more else out of them.

Went with D., Badger, and C. to the latest Star Trek, which I enjoyed. No spoilers, but while I thought the intro scene was a bit over the top (which I guess it had to be, they had to try and top the first movie somehow), I thought Benedict Cumberbatch made a spectacular monologuing baddie, we finally get to see Kirk learn to be less of a jerk, and there was Moar Pegg, which makes everything better.

(Aside - I've also seen Iron Man 3, which D. and I saw opening weekend, because Iron Man. Also enjoyed, though it felt like they were trying to cram in too many different story lines. It also had more badass/competent Rhodey and I didn't think I could enjoy the Pepper/Tony dynamic more until I saw it).

I'm juggling several sewing projects: patching a saber mask for a fencing buddy (I want to see how good my curved mattress needles are at these kinds of repairs), D.'s scholar's robe (which needs a draping, to figure out just what the neckline is doing) and a sized-up Miyake (to see if sizing up one of those cracky patterns is even possible). Save the turbans/wraps I don't think I'm making anything new for Dress U due to lack of time - needing a summer skirt for work is a larger priority. I am also discovering that I make more headway when I stop fidgeting with notions and fscking do it already.

If you can't tell by my typing rhythm here, I'm also drinking more coffee than usual. This may or may not be a good thing, but it's acclimating me to upcoming greater caffeine requirements created by a con (1st weekend of June) followed the next week by an uncon (the second).
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Saturday was my much anticipated "craft day", a kind of trial-run for a proposed monthly "thing" for socializing and Making Stuff(TM).

It went well, I think :) Fencing buddies and costuming buddies got along and had things to talk about, there was enough food (I'm Southern, this is important. If there aren't leftovers there wasn't enough), 10 am to 4 pm seem to be good/manageable "open house" hours.

Some notes: good conversation really IS as stimulating as coffee! I was jittery, but in a good way, mostly I suspect because I've not had company of more than 1-2 people at a time since... I don't know when. Speaking of jitters, for next time, I should probably have some decaf beverages on hand.

On top of this I made noticeable headway on hand-finishing D.'s robe, which is no small thing as it's so huge I had to put tape on the inside to mark my place.

Sunday I woke with some dizziness and headache, which amplified as the day went on, despite a nap. I blame the cold, windy weather for making my sinuses hammer on me. Can't wait until spring, or for the weather to at least pick a season for more than a week.

D. was at Schmoocon over the weekend; we enjoyed our social weekends but both being introverts, needed to shut down for awhile after it was over. I love that we get this about each other; nobody gets put out if someone needs "alone time"! He caught up in Old Republic; I caught up on Downton Abbey and Bomb Girls. Both episodes were depressing as hell but very good; I exorcized the blues with Red Dwarf and Dr. Who (because the silliness of dinosaurs on a spaceship improves everything).

Today's a day off but kind of bleak as I'm too unbearably cold to do anything. Another day of feeling like I'm spinning my wheels, brain too frozen to be inspired. If I were responsible I'd start my taxes but it's just too damn cold in the basement to type.
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Saturday. D. and I went to see Epic Win Burlesque, a show of, by, and for sci fi/comic book/pop culture geeks.

I'd heard of these guys, or something like them, but didn't know they were going to be in town until [ profile] nminusone mentioned it on his Facebook feed. I'd enjoyed the burlesque I saw with C. in Las Vegas and thought D. would at least enjoy the nerdy angle, so I got tix and we met up with [ profile] nminusone and [ profile] geekchick at the venue.

Oh, it was AWESOME! Just the right blend of silly and sexy. They did only a sampling of their repertoire but they've covered almost every major fandom I can think of and encourage the audience to post their videos and photos, so there's a lot more on YouTube, etc. Both men and women perform, though IMHO on this particular evening the women were hotter [YouTube]. ObCostume: evidently at least some of the performers make their own, and go to a great deal of effort on them as well.

Perhaps the funniest part of the evening was when it dawned on us that "KittenBot" was doing her act to the "Fruity Oaty Bar" song from Serenity [YouTube].

So if these guys come your way, go out and show some support, 'cos there's not enough of it in the world. We'd definitely go again!

P.S. Obviously none of the links are work safe. Wouldn't want y'all getting in trouble at work :P
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At long last! Reconnected to the internet with a real keyboard so I can type something of substance!

Let me 'splain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up:

The move )

Post-move )

Post-post-move )

hell bent for linkage )

Upcoming )
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No, not that kind :P

It seems I spent most of the weekend sweating, mostly because I didn't realize how warm it was going to be. I shouldn't complain, as the weather was BEAUTIFUL and I got to go out into it, I just wish I hadn't worn long sleeves!

I visited with my friend G. who I've not seen in a couple of years, though she only lives across town. She's just bought a house in a quiet, historic-y neighborhood that was once considered kind of sketchy, but due to low rents and abundant warehouse space has become something of an artist's enclave.

This weekend was the annual open studio tour so we walked down to a group of galleries near her house and drove out to studios further away. I enjoyed seeing the studios in their cluttered glory more than the somewhat antiseptic galleries because I like seeing the tools and "in progress" work, it makes it so much more tangible for me to know how these pieces came to be.

Many things were noteworthy but my favorite was an artist who works in unbaked clay and earth - the texture of her white-on-white unfinished clay/porcelain tempted me to touch, but I was a good kid and kept my hands to myself :P There's something about textured monochromatics that I keep coming back to again and again.

Sunday was my weekly fencing lesson, but due to the humidity I was a sweaty mess before I even suited up. I didn't drink enough water to compensate so within an hour of my lesson I was so wrung out that I felt like I was going to fall asleep on the strip :( Left 1/2 hour earlier than usual, had an extra cup of coffee to muster the energy to get to the grocery, and took a fitful nap in the afternoon.

I think I need to seriously look into getting the A/C in my car fixed, especially if this summer threatens to be anything like last year's.
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I took off time this year, which I never do, even though the actual day was Saturday. But I had good cause:

I made a day trip to Philadelphia on Thursday for a museum collections visit. Six gorgeous Fortuny gowns with all the variations I could hope for (two sleeveless, two long sleeved, one short sleeved. Two were "Delphos", a dress with over-tunic). Lined up like Rockettes, for close inspection and careful notes!

I didn't sit down for the two hours I was allotted, I just kept circling the table and taking notes furiously. I wasn't allowed to touch the dresses, but the curators were there to move, turn, and otherwise handle the garments. I was even allowed to take pictures, and though idjit me forgot the camera D. had carefully set up for me, my phone took surprisingly good images.

I answered a lot of the questions I had about how these pleated gowns are constructed. What I'll do with this information I don't know; I suspect what I figured out isn't new to any collectors or curators so I doubt it's anything publishable. Possibly I'll experiment with shibori pleating on the silk remnants I got last month.

It will have to wait because said remnants are in a box with tape on, in preparation for moving. No - NOT across the country this time! Just across town (maybe even only across the parking lot), because our unit is going to be remodeled. We need to be out in two-ish months. Not sure where we're moving TO yet, but in any event culling and boxing took up Friday, in addition to my original plan of typing up Fortuny notes.

Saturday was my actual birthday and was coincidentally the same night as a big charity gala that we were invited to by some of D.'s colleagues. So we put on evening finery and after a minimal struggle with D.'s bowtie we went out for good food and wine with smart and generous people. Having been told it was my birthday, they had set us up with a junior suite in the hotel, along with cake and champagne on ice :) It's the kind of elegance and glamorous goings on I dreamed about as a kid while isolated in the exurbs, and it may seem strange but I'm just tickled that I get to do things like this now!

Sunday was trying to get back into the swing of things at home, continuing to weed out the bookshelves, starting the laundry, and more notes.

Not a bad way to start my 39th year :)


Mar. 30th, 2012 07:17 pm
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I know why I keep dithering on whether I'm going to Dress U or not.

It's not that I "have nothing to wear!" My costume collection isn't massive but it's enough for 3 days. There are even some that haven't been worn yet (white Regency), and given that I can drive I don't have to worry about how much/how to get it on a plane.

It's that I know I won't have anything new to wear. Yes, it's almost 2 months away, in theory I could whip up something. I've been sewing for over 20 years, and I AM good - not the best, but good, and am confident that I can make whatever I set my mind to amd I DO feel the urge to show off!

But for me making a good piece is kind of like quality software development: good, cheap, or fast, pick 2 :P And I always pick good and cheap(ish) over fast. Even when I'm working from a purchased pattern I have so many other things going on that the time manages to stretch forever.

Soooo...I perhaps I should just get over myself. Wear my polyester "mock Fortuny" to the Titanic dinner (hey, he was making them in the 19teens!)!


Mar. 11th, 2012 09:52 pm
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Given my recent lethargy (lifting, thank goodness! Better living through chemistry!) it was chancy to plan as much for Saturday as I did, but damn, I just wanted to do it all:

Went to a series of lectures on early 19th century clothing at a historic home one county over - two of my Costume Society acquaintances were presenting, with extant garments to boot! Sometimes there is just no replacement for seeing an actual, three-dimensional object to figure out just how that bib-front bodice buttoned up, or how the bodice stays put with an apron front skirt. Turns out that knowledge about 1800s underwear is still incomplete, so the slip pattern I cobbled together to go under my white Regency may be as good a guess as any. One of my CSA buddies nudged me towards early 19th c. re-enactment, and I wouldn't say no except I'm still struggling to find time to accessorize what I have, and am about to get busier until ~July (see below).

After lectures and lunch I had some time to kill so I went to a nearby used CD store and ended up picking up Depeche Mode and Duran Duran "best of" comps. As someone who grew up in the 1980s it was kinda unexcusable to go without these "little black dresses" of 80's pop any longer :P

The day finished with a fencing competition, the qualifiers for the big National event each summer. It started on time and was well run, and I was surprised that there were only 6 of us - me, Badger, and 4 unrated people I didn't know.

I came in second! Which means that for the first time I get to fence 2 events at nationals, div 3 (moderately scary) and div 2 (really scary). To be very honest it was not one of my hardest competitions, so while I'm glad I placed 2nd and look forward to fencing all the other women foilists who finished ~top 3 in their divisions I'm trying to remember that I'm not a superstar. To steal a line from Rupaul, I bettah work: the usual practice, lessons, footwork, bladework plus weights and [gack] more cardio.

Today I resisted sleeping in and got the grocery shopping done and the laundry is in progress. I also stopped off at Local Awesome Fabric Store(TM) and found some goodies in the remnant section: an almost-black green silk charmeuse (bias cut top!), gray of same (test fabric for pleating!) and a heavenly smooth silk twill (summer robe for D.!) Got home and promptly fell asleep on the sofa while reading.

I foresee much ironing next weekend.
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Coming out of the winter lethargy:

A couple of weekends ago D. and I caught the Anglo Saxon hoard exhibit. It is small, but excellent, and not only is the detailed work breathtakingly beautiful (I'm still in awe that tiny filigree and inlay could be done in the 7th century, and in such volume!) but the story behind it is one of incredible good luck: a weekend metal detector treasure hunter found it after searching for half an hour on an acquaintance's farmland. No catalog because it's going to be years before all of the thousands of pieces are sorted, cleaned, cataloged and restored.

Given that we don't get downtown often it seemed a shame to pop back out, so we went out for truly dangerous pies afterwards: all fresh ingredients and real fruit instead of processed everything and corn syrup!

This coming weekend has a lot going on as well: a morning of Federal/regency-o-rama costume lectures followed by lunch with [ profile] skill_grl, finishing with summer nationals qualifiers in the afternoon. Whether I qualify or not it's gonna be a good day :)

And I got permission today to view another museum's 6(!) Fortuny gowns behind the scenes! I'm excited but nervous, as I indicated in my application for viewing that I'd be open to publishing my findings if I discover anything worth sharing. While this is true, my research on the Peplos gown construction has been going on intermittently for about 2 years now and at this rate I'm skeptical that I'll be making any sort of breakthroughs - this is to satisfy my own curiosity.

Badger is inviting me onto Pinterest to share shoe pictures. A worthy endeavor to fill out gaps in my schedule (haha!)
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Had a fun weekend with [ profile] shemhazai:

I finally got to faire this season, to wander and debut the pirate coat (alas, no pix taken). Shem hadn't been to one in years and I let her lead the way. So many bright colors, food-on-stick smells and luscious leather to pet and sniff! We stopped by [ profile] dreamtigress' booth, saw the joust, stumbled upon Wolgemut (forgot they were playing this year) and shopping/windowlicking (sword earrings, and a belt for D. that I've been promising him for a year). Was a bit more crowded than I would have liked and I let myself get run down (note to self: don't resist the food on sticks next time) but the weather was just about PERFECT, especially after a week of rain: breezy with blue skies and barely 70F.

Recovered nicely with mountains of sushi for dinner, as discovered by D. My eyes were bigger than my stomach but it was all. So. Good!

Felt a bit faded Sunday so we stayed in and talked and watched movies. I showed Shem The Guild, and she showed me Gjallarhorn (can't find a good example, but think celtic + didgeridoo + kulning [YouTube] (Scandinavian cattle calls).

All together a good weekend, I only wish my un-allergies hadn't been a damper.
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Last night I went to my first concert in.....awhile. [ profile] geekchick and [ profile] nminusone told me Bryan Ferry was playing in town (literally in town, in my 'burb, not in the city), and as it was nearby and I'd not seen them in an age it sounded good.

And it was good, but plenty unusual compared to most of my concerts/raves/nightlifey things. The crowd was older, say, 40s-50s, so we were some of the youngest people there. The venue was new and very polished, with velvet covered seats and inlaid wood everything, angled in such a way that there really aren't any bad seats. It was kind of like going to an opera or play, but with rock music.

Of course, this is Bryan Ferry*, so it was slick and classy, with quality musicians and backup dancers (when was the last time I saw those?). The crowd was lively but polite. It was 2 1/2 hours with intermission and ended at a reasonable hour.

Not the wild life, but I've got to admit, I like it! Good music without hauling downtown, staying up till all hours, scraping gunge off my shoes, or navigating a sea of crowded feet and elbows.

Yes, I am old and boring, but I do a hell of lot more activities post-work than I used to when I only went out at weekends, so I think I can be excused for wanting my 8 hours :P

*Who is not the same person as Bryan Adams. Ferry = glam, europop, was born in a suit. Adams = mainstream rock, jeans. If you want musical differences, that's what YouTube is for.
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What I'm up to:

  • Closet purge, this time keeping a list of what I donate so I can claim it on taxes

  • Fencing smarter, if not better. Made a workable target by draping the folded-away exercise machine with a heavy rubber mat.

  • Vest continues slowly. I've been thumbing through Fit for Real People and they have solutions for more than just bust measurement: wide or sloped shoulders, wide AND rounded shoulders, sunken chest, uneven body. I'm optimistic about results.

  • Made an appointment for an scratch/prick allergy test to better treat my allergies/asthma. It's time to stop putting out fires and figure out some preventive care.

  • Concert next week, seeing [ profile] geekchick and [ profile] nminusone for the first time in an age

  • Renn faire real soon now. Leaning towards this weekend because it will be cool enough to wear costumes in comfort

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