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Any of you who have been reading me for awhile knows that I'm a firm believer in better living through science and therefore the whole current (and recurrent) debate in the U.S. political scene about birth control is on the face of it a non-starter for me. I've been saying for years that it's the 20th (21st!) century, get with the program already!

Turns out I've been naively optimistic. Sara Robinson's article Why Patriarchal Men Are Utterly Petrified of Birth Control -- And Why We'll Still Be Fighting About it 100 Years From Now is a sobering reminder of how slowly the wheels of progress turn.

Given that it's been available my entire life, it's easy for me to forget that the existence of safe, effective birth control has created huge changes in the roles of women, of family, of sex, and in the power dynamic between men and women. We're only 50 years into this huge change so while I think resistance is ridiculous, I shouldn't be surprised that conservatives are still trying desperately to put this genie back in the bottle and will be for [sigh] hundreds of years to come.

I like to marvel at how far people have come in just my lifetime, and it's dispiriting to be reminded how much further there is to go.
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This whole Palmer/Pletsch fitting thing has reminded me yet again that bodies aren't perfect and off the rack doesn't (and probably can't) accommodate every deviation from the (fictional) "norm". I've not done a body map yet, but it's kind of a relief to know that someone has come up with a plan that acknowledges and addresses uneven shoulders, long torsos, short legs, and the like. As Already Pretty so succinctly puts it, it's not you, it's the clothes.

I don't know what the solution is. Not everyone can make their own clothes and I certainly don't make all of mine. I'm trying to resign myself to the fact that nothing I purchase is going to fit perfectly and so not get bent out of shape about it. Tailoring is an option, if you can do it yourself or have a good dry cleaner - evidently this is the trick celebs use to look effortlessly fabulous - yes, they even have t shirts fitted(!) So they're not perfect either - they just have better resources than us ordinary mortals :P

At the end of the day, I guess aim for best fit and keep it clean and in good repair. After all there's more to life than clothes.
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So you'll have something to look at while I work myself up to original content:

A L'allure Garconniere tumblr - some posts NSFW but all are awesome. Favorite: Romaine Brooks self-portrait; link to "Queer Enough": "My woman- self is a lusty warrior. Grace Jones in a James Bond film, power-lifting a full-grown man over her head in haute couture and heels. French novelist, burlesque dancer and body builder Colette, dressed in a 19th century men’s suit."

Apochronaut (FYI, music upon opening), "travel & fashion for the pre/post-apocalyptic nomad". Favorites: Anything by Gareth Pugh.

G. D. Falksen's tumblr fashion posts, hat tip [ profile] danabren, almost as good as OMGThatDress.

In honor of the Kalamazoo Medieval Congress just past, Terry Jones' Medieval Lives in their entirety [YouTube]. Actually, just all of BBC Worldwide's channel.
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My latest aesthetic obsessions include 1940s pantsuits and Moulin Rouge (I may make a saloon girl outfit yet, if only as an excuse to make my first Victorian corset). As such, I've renewed my pursuit of a perfect, plain red lipstick.

As a teenage goth, finding a drugstore red that wouldn't turn pink or orange was well nigh impossible. Twenty years and discovery of high-end cosmetics later, the best I'd been able to do was MAC's Russian Red, which while still a bit too bright for my tastes at least didn't fade with the first cup of coffee.

Nah, what I've been seeking for years is a perfect Rosie the Riveter, pinup-girl, Paloma Picasso, Addicted to Love-style red. A clear, plain red, neither pink nor burgundy, that stays put.

So I went to and ordered several, with the expectation that most would get returned and the hope that at least one would pan out. I got lucky and found two:

DuWop's Private Red didn't pull the advertised "mood lipstick" thing on me, but is a smooth, true red with a tiny bit of shine. It doesn't slip easily and even after I wiped it off it left a reddish (not pink) stain. This might be good for everyday or touchups.

For industrial strength, evening wear ain't-gonna-move red I'm hanging onto Nars Fire Down Below. It is very dense, very dry, and aggressively plain and resolutely immobile - indeed, getting it right the first time is crucial so if/when I wear it I'll have to use a lip pencil or brush to make sure I get it right! Too dry for everyday but if I need something that will stay, this would be it.

For those of you who wear it: what's your favorite red lipstick?
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  • 00:42:45: RT @AntiWacko: MT @SandiBehrns: Less than 2% of Planned Parenthood visits involve abortion. A vote to defund is a vote against women's h ...
  • 00:45:40: RT @Kevin_Church If you ever forget how good HOT FUZZ is, watch HOT FUZZ and you will be reminded of how good HOT FUZZ is #hintsforliving

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Most costume/fashion; one not:
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  • 11:08:12: Why does this cat only want in my lap when I'm working?
  • 11:39:46: RT @Clothesonfilm: As Boardwalk Empire starts on @sky_atlantic tonight, here's why all men should embrace the return of the dandy man ht ...
  • 11:42:40: Y'all, @ClothesOnFilm writes about menswear (& other fashion) in beautiful detail. Do check him out re: #sherlockholmes , #jamesbond style.
  • 15:34:52: RT @feministfatale: Grow up men! Breasts are not public property (via @hugoschwyzer) My take on breastfeeding 6/10 ...
  • 15:50:57: I should make one of the "Diamond Dogs" costumes from Moulin Rouge. Bright colors+lots of details when I seldom do either= a challenge.
  • 18:59:38: RT @dcwomenkicknass You can now order the MAC #WonderWoman collection on their site....

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  • 15:51:36: RT @glennluther: I just renamed my wireless network at home to "FBI surveillance van #2128," just to mess with everyone in my building.
  • 20:02:41: RT @tyrsalvia: This is important, please read. Who hears you, when you speak about rape?:

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  • 00:01:05: RT @mactavish RT @TweetACritter: Cat protects owner by scaring off alligator - cats are very tough. Or insane.
  • 12:06:26: RT @mactavish: RT @vixy: Hyundai has a car...named Equus? Do drivers end up getting naked & putting out other cars' headlights?
  • 12:25:01: Damn, I've let myself get drawn into an argument on the internet :(
  • 12:59:37: RT @danphilpott: <snark>I trust Facebook with my email. They have a great track record on privacy.</snark>
  • 13:01:03: Aw no - just discovered that not only did I miss the release of Connie Willis' 2 parter, also missed 2 local appearances.
  • 13:02:02: At least the books are both in the local library system. Mentally adding them to endless "to read" pile :P
  • 15:17:48: RT @zephoria: "#Bullying" Has Little Resonance with Teenagers:
  • 20:02:27: RT @geekfeminism: Quick hit: The enemy is not MEN. The enemy are a-holes.: Gina Minks responds to a post on our linkspam:

    I read... ht ...

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  • 22:29:22: First time I made it to finals/earned a silver. Gonna sit& feel good about it for a day or so. And fight what seems to be a cold.
  • 22:58:06: RT @briandgregory: A little inside news regarding turnout for the Stewart/Colbert rally. - Wow, DC is going to be a TOTAL... http://tumb ...
  • 23:00:24: RT @librarianbyday: Ladies when you buy a pencil skirt and the kick slit is tacked closed you need to snip those threads before wearing it
  • 23:15:09: RT @rebecca_ruiz: Why do boys and girls often behave in gender-specific ways? And don't say fetal testosterone!

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Black Knight MAC, a lipstick so densely pigmented that the color will never grow old or die (well, until I eat something)

Silver vampire teeth charm - c'mon people, the jaw moves, how cool is that?

Yes, I am a small child :P
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  • 22:28 At long, long last a black lipstick that isn't cheap/weak/for Halloween only: My inner teenage goth salutes MAC (again)!

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Stopped off after work yesterday for some self-pampering girlie stuff. I've gotta say, these are awesome:

Caudalie Lip Conditioner - $12 seems hefty for a chapstick, but it sinks in and doesn't lick off, and I'm already noticing an improvement in my perpetually chapped lips. Thanks to [ profile] margoeve who first put me onto the brand - most of their products are too rich for my blood but this, at least, is worth every penny :)

Lush Sea Salt Cleanser - I'd not had a good exfoiliating in... forever, and I wanted to try something that doesn't leave as much residue as Buffy. I remembered this from a prior trip and decided to give it a swing:

Yowza! This will take a layer off of you, in the best possible way! It's recommended for the face, but so strong I'd hesitate to use it there - my knees and elbows are polished! Not moisturizing so you might want to follow with a lotion but I'd argue that this is stronger than the beloved backside slayer. I'll probably use it sparingly (once/month) because it IS so strong.

Disclaimer: no one's paying me - this is all my opinion.
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Both of these were quick reads and I'll loan to anyone interested, first come, first serve:

Hellions: Pop Culture's Rebel Women - I count as fluffy because it's popular rather than academic, and an overview rather than in-depth. However, it's still a good intro to truly rebellious women and mainstream response to them - Raha makes a persuasive case that while male rebellion is more likely to be celebrated, female rebellion is more likely to be punished or discounted. There are a ton of endnotes if you want to follow up with something crunchier.

Eccentric Glamour: Creating an Insanely More Fabulous You: At last! A style guide that is about something more than dressing to look thin or matching bag to shoes! Not strictly a how to do, but how to approach, with tongue firmly in cheek. I don't agree with all of Doonan's advice (I can't see dressing up just to do the grocery shopping), but he can imagine style beyond trying to emulate the tall/blond/thin matchy-matchy ideal, and actively encourages the weird and the tacky.
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Inspired my my responses to my mineral makeup post and the ensuing discussion, I'm upgrading my beauty regimen a bit:

Recon to Sephora: I tried out some of the recommendations and satisfied myself that that "new!" really does mean improved, at least in some cases. On order: mineral foundation and primer, along with some sample sizes of the more expensive stuff (hat tip [ profile] margoeve; you really CAN find everything on Ebay!)

I also decided to give Lush another try. I picked up 3 things but because I'm cautious of another bad reaction I've only tried one yet and am surprisingly impressed. The backside slayer* really does work as advertised! Kinda greasy at first, but it does sink in rather than rub off and thus far hasn't made me break out or itch. I'm not quite confirmed wholheartedly into the Church of Lush but I gotta say, the rough skin on my knees and the backs of my legs is softer than an android's bottom :P

*No, they're not paying me - just my own opinion.
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Dunno how this one escaped me the first go around:

Madonna's video for the theme from "Die Another Day", in which she apparently cameos as Bond's fencing instructor

For the untutored, most of those moves are illegal - even in epee ;)
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Fascinating comparison of male and female superheroes in comics, with men drawn in the distorted "sexy" poses usually assigned to women. Kinda depressing how it's so hard to imagine a female superhero that isn't stereotypically "hot".

Via Shakesville, whose comments revealed more of the same.
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If you don't read Wired's Table of Malcontents, perhaps you should. But not if you plan to have a life beyond it:

Ancient Birth Control - sadly the plant was so popular it went extinct :(

The Battle of Helm's Deep - as performed by Muppets - Toronto 2003 peeps, was Silver Snail the bookshop we went to?

The Lonely Sea Monster - delightfully morbid. If you like Lemony Snicket, you'll like this (I'm looking at YOU, [ profile] jlsjlsjls!)

B Movies go Art House - don't miss "Le Lebowski Grande" or "300: The Criterion Collection"

Saved the best for last - Hieronymous Bosch action figures! C'mon, you can't tell me these aren't the coolest beasties ever! Someone send these to Seth Green and the other Robot Chicken [Google Video] creators stat! I want to see the Tree Man have a showdown with the Care Bears....

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