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Short short:

Thorin Dreamboatshield: An Unexpected Hotness Of Dwarves - possibly the funniest review of The Hobbit I've read. Courtesy [ profile] wendyzski.

Make your own trophy werewolf head. Like you do. Plenty of time 'til Halloween. Hat tip [ profile] danabren.

For some reason I find my icon endlessly amusing. Made by [ profile] flyingsideways.

Rococopunk is not only sillier than Steampunk, it’s also more punk - and wasn't it also called New Romantic 30 years ago (the book in the latter link is excellent, BTW, another of my Christmas haul)?
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Gathered from here, there, and everywhere:

Learn to be a better writer by reading fanfiction - especially the bits about villians needing motivation and using crackfic to get unstuck.

John Cleese on creativity - “Creativity is not a talent. It is a way of operating.” - so true. Hat tip @ITSLENNYHENRY (yes, the real one).

Femme Doctors and crossplayers: not that different - elegant description of the what cross play is and isn’t, and why it’s appealing. Wonderful fun, but also put on your gender studies hat.

Dates to remember for 2013 - first two weeks of May are looking awfully good. And there’s gonna be a 3rd Riddick movie? Hat tip D.

The Star Trek-Middleman crossover you’ve been cautiously excited for - seriously, if you never watched The Middleman, go forth and view now. It’s rather like Firefly, killed before it’s time, wonderfully witty and only 13 hours of footage. Related: Middleman-Doctor Who crossover.

Edit 7:45 pm Links fixed. Dunno what LJ was doing adding extra quotes.
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Saturday. D. and I went to see Epic Win Burlesque, a show of, by, and for sci fi/comic book/pop culture geeks.

I'd heard of these guys, or something like them, but didn't know they were going to be in town until [ profile] nminusone mentioned it on his Facebook feed. I'd enjoyed the burlesque I saw with C. in Las Vegas and thought D. would at least enjoy the nerdy angle, so I got tix and we met up with [ profile] nminusone and [ profile] geekchick at the venue.

Oh, it was AWESOME! Just the right blend of silly and sexy. They did only a sampling of their repertoire but they've covered almost every major fandom I can think of and encourage the audience to post their videos and photos, so there's a lot more on YouTube, etc. Both men and women perform, though IMHO on this particular evening the women were hotter [YouTube]. ObCostume: evidently at least some of the performers make their own, and go to a great deal of effort on them as well.

Perhaps the funniest part of the evening was when it dawned on us that "KittenBot" was doing her act to the "Fruity Oaty Bar" song from Serenity [YouTube].

So if these guys come your way, go out and show some support, 'cos there's not enough of it in the world. We'd definitely go again!

P.S. Obviously none of the links are work safe. Wouldn't want y'all getting in trouble at work :P
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Presented without comment, except to note that these may be NSFW depending on the nature of your work:

Uhura vs. Leia, from the Fanvixens calendar.

Mirror Universe Spock's Got 99 Problems, by Aman Chaudhary.
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The slashfic, it writes itself:

Original Content(TM) coming soon.
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Paging Captain Subtext - you are needed on the white courtesy phone.
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Don't tell me you haven't thought about it. Hat tip [ profile] idragosani for saying what we were all thinking:

[Poll #1747748]

Show your reasoning in the comments.
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  • 10:23:32: RT @WiredFeed: Stained Fabrics Reveal Death's Mess: Sarah Sudhoff takes portraits of material collected at death-site cleanups ... http: ...
  • 10:57:54: Historical photos of science fiction #fandom from Andy Porter's collection: #scifi #cosplay #costume via @io9
  • 11:50:54: RT @Ecouterre: Sarah Scaturro, Cooper-Hewitt's textile conservator, discusses the eco-merits of...wait for it...polyester. ...
  • 11:53:33: RT @Kevin_Church: Not a dream. Not a hoax. The return of THE RACK.
  • 13:35:42: Is anyone using NVDA screen reader? If so, any pros/cons to share? #a11y
  • 17:36:43: RT @otdiFASHION: Great perspective on Galliano and fascinating bit of fashion history! @RaquelLaneri Why Dior did the right thing http:/ ...

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  • 00:42:45: RT @AntiWacko: MT @SandiBehrns: Less than 2% of Planned Parenthood visits involve abortion. A vote to defund is a vote against women's h ...
  • 00:45:40: RT @Kevin_Church If you ever forget how good HOT FUZZ is, watch HOT FUZZ and you will be reminded of how good HOT FUZZ is #hintsforliving

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  • 09:10:25: Early and cold and windy...again. Getting tired of this!
  • 09:10:54: RT @dustdaughter: No offense, but I REALLY hope you're wrong. Wasn't last winter bad enough? RT @Roqulere: Shit this is going to be a h ...
  • 10:31:41: RT @KnightLAT: Good story on the conservative activist who 'manufactured the outrage' against the Smithsonian show "Hide/Seek" http://bi ...
  • 10:33:22: RT @lili_bird: Fencing is certainly one of the more elegant sports, stands to reason why @TimMorehouse understands decorum & appropriate ...
  • 10:36:43: RT @amhistorymuseum: Portrait of Stephen Colbert will go back on view at the museum starting December 26, 2010. Welc ...
  • 11:58:57: RT @geekfeminism: Laurian’s Living the Impostor Syndrome: One of the many awesome women I met at Grace Hopper posted this experien... ht ...
  • 11:59:20: RT @danphilpott: I think I'd buy a GPS device just to get Brian Blessed's voice doing autonav directions:
  • 12:04:12: These are FANTASTIC: . Not a paid endorsement, just a satisfied customer.
  • 13:05:42: RT @mightymur: RT @Tabz: Firefly Between the Lines Auditions end on the 18th! Get yours in!
  • 15:11:49: RT @io9: Dec. Books Bring Guerrilla Tailoring, Alchemy, and Plenty of Zombies - guerilla #tailor ! #fashion #costume
  • 17:30:12: RT @dcwomenkicknass: My thoughts on Paul Levitz saying superhero stories are "more appealing to boys"

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Dec. 7th, 2010 06:02 pm
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  • Queering SFF: Best of 2010 - I've not had time to read any of these, but perhaps some of you have or would like to. Agree? Disagree? Additions/subtractions? In the comments...

  • WikiLeaks and the Long Haul: "...[Shirky's] personal view is that there is too much secrecy in the current system, and that a corrective towards transparency is a good idea. I don’t, however, believe in total transparency, and even more importantly, I don’t think that independent actors who are subject to no checks or balances is a good idea in the long haul." Disclaimer: I've not kept up on this story as I'd like, but I have noticed the discussion about it has become, as many are, polarized into good/bad, either/or. This is a little more nuanced.

  • A Nude Awakening: The TSA and Privacy. Conveys what I've been saying elsewhen in less coherent ways, namely, that the current TSA policy is invasive and often humiliating while doing little that will actually make air traffic more secure. I was scanned on the way to Vegas and while I was irritated at the x-ray I pitied the TSA staff more - despite the handwringing over potential perving, I doubt they like the scan/pat any more than travelers do.

  • What's behind the American fascination with British royalty? Seriously, what? I was a royal watcher as a kid but in my defense I was 8 when Charles and Di got married and remember most of the coverage as oohing and ahing over the dress, the church, the carriage, the fairytale. I can see the appeal in a sense of continuity between the generations, a kind of "national family" to see born, grow up, get married, etc. but Hollywood offers just as much glitz and drama, without the old-fashioned snobbiness (maybe that's it?)

  • Steve Buscemi's controlled gangster: (Spoiler alert) D. and I have become overnight fans of Boardwalk Empire for it's quality writing and shades-of-grey characters. This is an examination of how skinny fish-faced Buscemi sells the Nucky Thompson lead.

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  • 00:04:51: I should probably not be surprised that I have *no idea* where this book is...
  • 00:10:34: Oh.. there it is. My costume book collection is well out of hand.
  • 00:34:32: RT @amandafrench: Interesting -- a virtual symposium on "Virtual Cities / Digital Histories," Dec 3-5: http://virtualcitiesdigitalhistor ...
  • 22:52:43: I want to see a version of Deathly Hallows written from the POV of muggles, as a police procedural. Get on it ficcers! #harrypotter

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I'm enjoying True Blood more than I ought.

I've only read a couple of the books and last season didn't quite "grab" me, but this season scratches the same "silly-sexy-gory-scary-ohmygodtheydidn't" itch that Lexx used to. It's camp and horror but not quite either, perhaps because it's so firmly planted in the real world (let's face it, if vampires did exist, there would totally be ads like this cluttering up our screen margins. The viral marketing for this show has been fantastic).

For example, the King of Mississippi manages to be both menacing and hilarious during his scene-stealing speechifying (how does a 3,000 year old vampire have a Cajun accent? Who knows? Who cares?):

I know some of y'all watch ;) Please share your criticisms, witticisms, fan art/fic/whatever, more aca-fannery in the comments, 'cos I'm sure I'm missing something.
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  • 13:10 RT @fencingnet: US #Fencing Summer Natls: Hashtags are #ATL_SNs and #FNet PLS use tweets and let us know who you are: #
  • 13:13 I'll tweet #ATL_SNs as I can; for "big name" #fencing results perhaps check @fencingnet , @usfencing , @TimMorehouse. Starts 7/3. #
  • 17:53 RT @AllenStairs: This is SO wrong. RT @PD_Smith After nearly 70 years in one costume, Wonder Woman gets a new outfit #
  • 21:24 "The Pentagon's New Map" ~3h PPT presentation to National Defense U in 2004: . It's CSPAN so it's free, and fascinating. #
  • 23:16 @USFencing - no problem! #
  • 23:18 @i_clavdivs - I'm all for superheroines in more sensible clothing but the new kit is just not very superhero-y. #
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Jun. 19th, 2010 03:33 pm
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Funny images from 'round and about

snipped so they won't eat your Friends page )
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  • 09:46 #Fandom, #ParticipatoryCulture and #Web20 - A Syllabus: . Hope this will eventually be on MIT OpenCourseware. #
  • 10:30 @racheline_m - the plot of "Once More With Feeling" is kinda thin at the end. But it moved characters fwd plus singing! #
  • 18:55 Finally finishing out my #lexx DVD collection. Silly and awe-inspiringly bad as it can be it's terrific fun #guiltypleasures #
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