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Yep - not on the road yet. Check in isn't until 3 and it's only an hour and a half drive.

So, I decided to continue typing up more of the Spanish-language costume photocopies I made back in January (!) (triumph: I've learned to set language by document in Word so it plugs in all the accents/doesn't flag every single word as misspelled). Progress goes smoothly and I think I'm starting to understand some words, if only out of pattern recognition and context (ejemplo - example; otra = other) and so I find myself falling into a contemplative mode:

I sometimes call my intense history/costume hobby "research" because I've been and gone far past casual interest at this point, but I know people more "hardcore" than myself, who go back to primary sources and extant examples, so I really ought to call what I do "reading a lot". Until recently I didn't have the cash or knowhow to pursue primary sources and now that I do I'm too intimidated. The more I read the more I discover what I don't know, and reckon that even if I did get a hold of a nice juicy ship's manifest, will, or whatever I wouldn't have the background to comprehend the value (or lack thereof) of what I'm looking at.

My lack of serious academic cred is another - I'm vain enough to want to avoid coming off as a tedious dilettante while I scale the massive learning curve.

I was asked this year "when" I'm going to present something at the Medieval Congress. This was flattering and encouraging, but I'm so not there yet!

Yeah, yeah, I may not be as clever as I'd like but I'm not as stupid as I fear so get over it, bite bullet, etc.

Workin' on it, workin' on it. Forcing some order on all this would be a huge fat help!
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In attempting to break down into digestible pieces what I took away from the Medieval Congress, I'm reminded that a repeating theme was the importance of context.

I first became aware of this at last year's congress, but the fact that nothing happens and nothing exists in a void was driven home in the first session I attended this year, which was a collection of papers about the values and pitfalls of reenacting and recreation as a means of "getting at" historical truths, particularly dancing and fencing for which manuals and descriptions survive, but given the dearth of A/V equipment in the Middle Ages, we don't really have any motion picture of what people were actually doing :P

More than one of the speakers pointed out that using an old fencing manual as a "how to" guide is a very modern approach because many of the older fechtbuchs were meant to be used as "tips and tricks" for someone who was already an accomplished swordsman and under the tutelage of a master (who learned from his master, who learned from his on back to whenever).

Combined with the lack of master are the problems of learning period movement while unencumbered (or not, depending on your perspective) by period correct clothes and shoes, and I started to realize that there's more to "getting at it" just imitating the pictures (which are kind of iffy in terms of accuracy anyway).

In terms of my costume research, I'm thinking that I've got plenty of background in what people wore but I seriously lack in how and why they were wearing it. As such I'm going to resist the urge for more pretty pictures and pick up this heaping plate of costume context, at the recommendation of E., a fellow attendee who exulted more than once about this book.

Can't wait until I pass on the message at historic fencing club that the manuals we use aren't adequate on their own - I'm gonna feel like a real stinker, but if the ambition is the Total Period Experience(TM) they're just the beginning :/
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After the almost constant fretting over my OS class this past summer, I'm kind of astounded to realize I've written nothing for months about classes or the possibility thereof. It's amazing sometimes how unpleasant concerns (like abusive papers) are truly out of sight, out of mind :P

As it is, I'm having problems transferring my math credits from the community college to the grad school, so until I can figure out how to get my math prerequisites handled my further education is on hold.

Given that my waking moments aren't going to be swamped with homework for the foreseeable future, I'm planning on using the time to work on a new sewing project (damn, but venetians are easy to make!) and get my mental house in order, so to speak. More on both as I get to 'em.

And, as ever, work on my various fencing games...
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Class is now officially over - I just turned in my exam.

Now it's time to figure out what to do with my Abundant Free Time(TM)!
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You know that paper I've been bitching about?

The one that's owned my life for the last two weeks? The one that has made me stressed and distracted (bordering on unpleasant, if not downright pessimistic) for entirely too long?

The one I couldn't possibly, ever make a passing grade on?

Played for and got: 98% baybee!

I am under no illusions that I got this grade because I understand the material - the prof said in his comments that I didn't write to the target audience (him), though I did do good research and wrote well.

No, what I learned is that I can turn out a graduate level paper in two weeks if I'm willing to hammer at it until it's squeezing me to death. Whether this is a revelation I'm willing to explore in more detail in the future is currently being considered.
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Paper: turned in. With D.'s help, I was able to fill it out to a respectable 6 pages. Now that it is out of my hands, I can't stress over it anymore. The exam will be a frickin' lark compared to this past week!

Unrelated, but noteworthy: my cave, my cave, my cave. That is all.
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Not exactly killing with my brain this go around: I got a 78%.
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Steve from "Coupling" may be right, by 30 you know you're never going to be rich, famous, or a rock star (can someone help me with the exact quote).. or is he? Found this article in Wired about conceptual vs. experimental geniuses and it describes a theory that there are two types of talent: some creators (artistic/creative, business, scientific, anything) have a definite idea in mind and produce their best work at early ages (Picasso, Munch, Fitzgerald) and others work towards an indefinite goal, developing their best work after much trial and error at later ages (Hitchcock, Pollock, Twain).

It's an interesting idea, and heartening to a late bloomer like me who is still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. Not that I think I'm a genius, but I'll admit to being a tinkerer and experimenter.
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Just submitted final version of midterm. I'm glad I looked it over again because I got some units wrong initially which affected final calculations.

I wanna go to Disneyland. Not :P But somewhere far, far away from my schoolbooks.
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Got a 95% (!) on my much agonized-over bibliography.

Now to continue slaughtering the midterm.

a funny

Jul. 5th, 2006 05:54 pm
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gacked from seamstrix, too early for Talk Like A Pirate Day )

Going into midterm this evening. I've been out of sorts for the past 3 days. These two facts are not completely unrelated :(


Jul. 3rd, 2006 03:13 pm
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Annotated bibliography = turned in. I think it passes muster.

Now on to studying for that )*(#! midterm..
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My day:

Drive to work in just about to pour rain.

Work whirring like a hamster wheel start to finish.

Drive home in properly pouring rain.

Can't take out contacts/get out of work clothes right away because D. is steaming the upstairs carpets.

Deeply tired, somewhat crampy, waterlogged and greasy, check.

Open up classroom reminders to find that 1) my annotated bibliography is due a week from today, and the midterm is two days later (!) Frack.

Glad I'm taking Monday off.

If it doesn't wreck my schedule too much, I hope to fence this week - I have some aggressive impulses that need working out >:(


Jun. 10th, 2006 10:22 pm
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Beautiful day! Spent inside hammering on the research plan for my paper, fidgeting, taking a break to eat (Baja Fresh!), had D. look it over and proof, added some sentences to the plan and getting more uncomfortable, fidgeted some more...

Needless to say the Pride parade and other Fun Stuff(TM) slipped completely away.

Somehow I've got to stretch this thing out to one page. Unfortunately, everything I know about ALL operating systems fits on less than half a single-spaced 8 1/2"x11 sheet :(

Going to take a break and exercise, then perhaps hammer a bit more. Dammit, I can't even get out the gate on this thing..
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Con: party this weekend canceled.

Pro: frees my schedule for other activities

Pro: also frees my time to work on my research plan

Con: also frees my time to work on my research plan :P

Short version: I'll have some fun if I get my work done. Just call me Cinderella....

Have also been following the FMA "debate" (I cannot believe that this is even a debate in 2006 in an allegedly modern country); the vote is today I believe. Possible incoming "preaching to the choir" type rant if it passes :(
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So, I signed up for an overview of Operating Systems for the summer. I didn't want to lose my academic momentum, yet the next math class (precalc) wasn't offered online during summer session, and my grad advisor recommended this class because it came with no prerequisites.

It was a quick decision - quicker than I like, being of the inclination to want to weigh every concievable possibility before making a choice, but I was cutting it really close (class starts tomorrow) and it was "either sh*t or get off the pot". I guess I was hoping for something "light" (as in, no reams of practice problems) over the summer.

Nah. This is a grad level course complete with a paper. The first paper I've written since...oh, I don't know when - undergrad, over 10(!) years ago? With style and footnote requirements and all the attendant paranoia over crappy writing/flawed arguments/inadvertent plagiarism/the fact that my liberal arts background didn't prepare me to write on technical subjects...

I fear I may be in way over my head.

Yep - nervous now.
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With all the other things I've been fussing with, I almost forgot to report: I got a B on my survey of college math class, and a cumulative course grade of B! Yay!

Figured with all my fretting over it here and elsewhere that it would seem sort of strange not to mention it :P
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I've studied for this thing about as much as I can. The sponge is soaked - any more is going to be futile.

I'm off to bed so I can go into this on a good night's sleep.
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coffee meme from flummoxicated - so true it's scary )

Currently highish on the anxiety and high strung-o-meter: the Medieval Congress is only a week away (!) and I need to remember to take: semi-professional clothing for 4 days (clothing for 6 days all told), books/practice final/other coursework (final 2 days after I get back [!!]), new glasses (assuming they arrive). Must take last quiz online the night before my flight. Yes, I will most likely start packing Sunday or Monday just to make sure I don't forget anything (my irrational stress over travel prep deserves a post of it's own. At least once I'm physically on the road I'm usually fine).

Also some toss up at work. Pro: I'm in demand. Con: I've gotta make a decision (happily, not immediately); "all of the above" is not an option.

Doublet_status(): Collar is on. Cording provides body without too much bulk - kinda makes a neat crunchy noise when it moves. Further construction is on hold until after the final.

Homework_status(): Doing this week's homework for 2nd time, just to make sure I've got it down.

Brain_status(): A bit fried :P

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