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Contents of last night's dream:

I got permission from a small bookstore owner to store some of my books for the impending move. My sister, childhood friend C. and I went over to this charming, old fashioned bookstore, genteely shabby with worn wood shelves, to start shelving my books in one small room off the main entrance. The owner was as genteely shabby as his store, coffee cup in hand, clad in faded tweed, and gave us a nod on his way to the register as we started.

and then it got weird )

What's in your tardis bookstore?
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Last night I slept like I'd been cold-cocked.

And I dreamed that I slept like I'd been cold-cocked, waking up in the middle of a fencing strip, groggily wondering where I was supposed to be and wondering how I'd managed to score any touches at all while sleep walking.

Dream shifts to my sleeping leaning up against the window of a train or plane, while trying to brush pine needles off my face. Am told that the pine needles were spritzed onto the window and that the windows weren't actually open (Spruce Spray? Christmas-in-a-Can?)

Yummy as phad thai is maybe I don't need to eat it that late?
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  • 10:02 Finally cool enough to wear my herringbone "oxford bags" :)
  • 11:53 Finally turned on the heat in this building. Alas, it's not reaching my suite. But the hall is nice and toasty :P
  • 13:24 "Historical fiction is actually good preparation for reading sf":
  • 14:07 Nightmares about being unable to dial a phone coming true :/
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  • 09:40 Had cracked dream last night re: living in arctic w/out fabric or foils. Wanted vinyl, could not get. Piles of DVDs though.
  • 12:32 Day almost half over. Time flies when you're juggling 4 things :/
  • 14:00 To tuck or not to tuck; that is the question: Whether 'tis better to be comfortable or risk sloppiness. Thoughts?
  • 14:01 Me, I prefer not to tuck unless the shirt is so long/huge that I look underdressed if I don't.
  • 15:09 Shin stitchy. Will need to do something other than walk to clear head between code fugues today.
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Kept hitting "snooze" this morning because I was trying to find the weapons check desk (i.e., where I get my equipment "okayed" for competition) in my dream. The venue was huge, I was exhausted and lost and had family that needed to be entertained/herded in tow.

See, it's the logistics chewing on my subconscious mind, not the actual fencing.

Tonight was my last lesson before Sunday. V. said quite rightly that now is not the time to be learning anything new, but to prepare psychologically. He stepped me through a simple warmup and cautioned me not to overdo it - 15 minutes, 30 tops, conserve the rest of the energy for fencing.

Also spend the first ~10 seconds or so of each bout seeing what my opponent will do, not go in all guns blazing or freezing at the end of the strip.

What I could do has been done. The rest is gravy.

Mantra: I will have fun, I will see what they're doing, I'll make them work [repeat]

Loading up phone with music. Included: Photek, Eon, "The Battle of Yavin".
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It's down to the last week (I fly out Saturday) and I'm mostly good.

Physically, I feel ok. Adding some yoga to stretch my back has made a noticeable difference, and I'm still doing the foot/leg exercises every time I practice. My endurance is improving, and my clubmates say I've improved as well. I'm trying to believe that without letting it go to my head!

Mentally I've been trying to take the attitude of "make them work" to the strip every time, 'cos my habit of holding back (to conserve energy) until I'm 3 touches against isn't working :P I'm definitely not going in with the overconfidence of my last competition - the way I figure it, everyone in TX next week had to qualify same as me, and I barely slipped in under the rope. I'll be lucky if I win even one bout in pools (though I admit I really want to!)

Nah, most of my nerves are about getting there and having my equipment in order. I've had nightmares (really!) of either forgetting my equipment, breaking it, or forgetting/breaking it and scrambling to get it fixed before strip time :P

In reality, everything is working, but I'm regretting not getting there 2 days before I fence rather than 1 - I'm going to have to play in the airport/fly half the day, check into hotel, go straight to the venue for weapons check, eat something and get back to the hotel, hopefully to be asleep early because check-in the next morning opens at 7(!) and I'll need to get up in time to get dressed, eat something (assuming there's anything available), and get to the venue in time to check in and warm up (aaaaa!) before actual fencing starts.

Oh, yeah, and I'm parrying in my sleep again.

It will turn out well.
anotheranon: (eggman) which I thought I was years from graduating college, only to find that two different sets of friends had planned two different parties (with cakes, presents, streamers, the works) to celebrate my impending graduation(s): one degree I can't remember, and the other was from a completely different school from the one I was currently attending (in the dream) where I evidently earned enough credits in musical performance* for a degree as well.

Both graduations were in 10 days and I was pleased and flustered to be the subject of that much attention. I got even MORE flustered when I was told that upon graduation I was expected to demonstrate my newly earned skills, including a live musical performance.

Interesting note: one of the presents had a note celebrating a graduation day of May 33rd. Maybe this is my lizard brain telling me that my education will never be complete?

*I can't play any musical instruments, for myself let alone an audience. My childhood piano has vanished forever :/
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  • 09:50 Awakening to tired/pain. Getting back in the saddle, yow yow yow...
  • 09:51 Did have interesting dream where I was urged to start DJing again. With vinyl, no less.
  • 17:57 I'd check my land-line messages more often if I didn't get so many telemarketers.
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  • 10:08 I had dreams of Vestri hot chocolate last night: rich, dark, sinfully luscious.
  • 11:57 The Unwritten Rules of Social Relationships: <--I think I really need a copy of this.
  • 11:59 RT @danphilpott RT @amrittsering: Twitter is the most important thing to happen to procrastination since the invention of the excuse...
  • 14:05 Don't smack people for making a mistake on the learning curve you put them on. Tends to make that learning curve unpleasant.
  • 15:00 Too. Many. INTERRUPTIONS!!!
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From last night:

I started college, rooming with 6 people, including my sister, a childhood friend and some new acquaintances they really didn't get along with. Civility rapidly dissolved so I snuck out with a big bag on my back to find the campus fencing club....

Also dreamed that I found an 86-page article all about the trim (and nothing else) on Eleanor of Toledo's burial gown. I wish!

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These seem to be on a similar theme:

  • I'm in a huge old unfurnished house with friends and we end up throwing paint at each other, Jackson Pollock-style: buckets and handfuls of thick, gluey paint that gets all over us, the walls, the ceiling, etc. A huge uproarious good time but my forebrain interrupted right at the end, with someone walking in asking how we were going to clean it all up. The last bit I remember is trying to get the paint out of my hair in the shower with no success...

  • Followed up by a dream in which I have only $5 to spend in an arts/crafts store and I'm determined to find a set of multicolored markers, to no avail - just peewee sets of 8 or 12. I'm sure this has nothing to do with the fact that I just got a cheapie set of 64 washable markers....
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I had a dream that I went boating with friends.

Not my first dream about boating with friends (which is weird in itself because I've never boated with friends, not even a little bit) but definitely the first where the speedboats had no propellers, but were harnessed to little (comparatively) Loch Ness Monster-things that we dug out of the mud (think Uruk Hai). Friendly like slippery puppies the size of Volkswagen bugs.

I thought this was so cool and fun that I was determined to impress a girl I had my eye on by taking her out on a boat ride with a mini-LNM. Alas, when we got to the dock, it was winter and deserted. Even the lakeside cottage was depressing, painted a sad avocado green on the inside, with dust in the sink and bare cupboards.

Analyze all you like - frankly I think this one is random neurons firing...
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Note to self: sewing on black (well, black and grey herringbone) velveteen is hard on the eyes :P

I finished both instant-gratification fun hats I was working on, both of the newsboy type. One fits, one doesn't; the latter I'm going to toss in the wash and see if I can't stretch it the 1/2" or so it needs that way. Both are useful for weekend days when I just can't be bothered to put gunge in my hair.

Conversation from last night: though I enjoy fashion and see it as a list of seasonal toys, I don't feel pressure to keep up anymore - if pop culture is any indication, being fashionable is the province of the young. Being 34 I'm safely on the shelf, so to speak, so I can play - or not - as I like. I figure as long as my hair looks like it's from the current decade, the rest is close enough.

Slept in heavily yesterday and have residual memories of dreams about being in a seance in which nothing happens and living in a great gilded house "behind the scenes" in Hollywood as a kind of underground star-maker. The rest is so nonsensical it's like being in a Duran Duran lyric....

I'm in the middle of Connie Willis' Firewatch short story collection and am enjoying it immensely. "Enjoy" might not be quite the right word, because some of them are really disturbing, but she definitely sticks with you. I read The Doomsday Book a couple of years ago at Shem's (I think?) recommendation but had been lazy about picking up anything else by Willis until listening to this interview on I Should Be Writing (excellent podcast, btw).

Fencing: did fence this morning until that first cup of coffee wore off. My footwork is not as spry as I'd like, but damn if my legs don't make neat shapes when I flex the likes of which I didn't think they were capable of!
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Gacked from [ profile] ragdoll:

LeStrange wants me dead, Malfoy just wants me )

Via [ profile] misia: A Mormon missionary beefcake calendar (link ok for work). I can't tell whether it's serious or not, but I think I read some gay erotica on a similar theme once....

Brain sprain: I dreamed last night that I was a Bryan Ferry impersonator, only to be shamed off the stage by the real thing during my screechy rendition of "More Than This" because his suit was (of course!) better than mine.

Whatever I ate before bed last night, I shouldn't 'a...


Aug. 21st, 2007 10:51 pm
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More from the files of vivid dreams...

I was walking down a cold rainy street. It was lunch hour, or rush hour, or some similar time when people have to be out on wet gray sidewalks trying to get somewhere.

I went inside one door and it was so different I immediately wanted to live there. Far from being cold and damp it was warm with golden light, polished dark brown wood, soft upholstery, and it smelled inviting, like cinnamon buns or warm blankets fresh out of the dryer.

There were lots of women milling around the lobby, in 1930s-40s style, all red lipstick and slim skirts and preppy sweater sets, talking and drinking and flirting. one of them told me that the downstairs of the building was "for the children".

In love with the comfy building, I all but begged the concierge to let me a room and got a big old-fashioned key that fit a door on an upper floor.

The room had charmingly old-fashioned flowered wallpaper and two bulging overstuffed beds. Being tired and cold I decided to get some sleep but in the low light I didn't see that there was an old woman already sleeping in one of the beds.

She woke up and told me that she and her lover (sleeping in the other bed) had lived there for years, and that when they slept their younger selves went to the lobby to talk and flirt and be young again.

I left so they could be alone together, and I can't remember much else about the dream, just that it felt really welcome and cozy.

sword lust

Jun. 23rd, 2007 01:38 pm
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Last night I dreamed I had a beautiful Spanish main gauche. I was wiping it on something while standing near a clear, bubbling stream and there were trees, everything was gray and green...

That's all I remember.

Damn, it was a sexy weapon....
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I've not been remembering my dreams lately, or at least, not clearly. This is actually rather unusual for me, as I usually wake up remembering at least a fragment of something.

Just as well, because I think most of last night's dream was that I was arguing with people over stupid things. The only bit I can salvage in any detail is that I was on a mostly empty school bus taunting punk Spike from "Buffy", reminding him that Billy Idol wannabes were a dime a dozen while he bitched that he created the look, dammit, and would I just shut up already...

I threw him to the back of the bus, and then got off at my stop, a white stone/brick house on a hill, with a dark wood door and high ceilings just inside.. and I lost track there.

Not sure what the symbolism here might be, except that I seem to be remembering only the stupid details and am missing the overall plot :P
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Ok, this is a strange one, strange enough that I can tell (does posting count as telling?) it before breakfast without fear of it coming true:

I embarked on a great journey to Pennsic War, the biggest event on the SCA calendar. Yet, it didn't take the form of packing my car and roadtripping, oh no, far too mundane for my convoluted mind: it was through a series of underground tunnels through wildly different rooms and buildings. It was almost like a cross between "The Wizard of Oz" and the London Below of "Neverwhere" with all of the characters met and unexpected places.

Some rooms were vividly colored, others were quite plain and empty; some had parties going on with lots of crazy people (one person I ran into twice, like I was time traveling, running up behind them in a corridor and vice versa in the same place later - yet not); some contained people working on various projects or eating dinner or whatever.

When I finally got to Pennsic it was the end of the tunnel, into the daylight, a huge rolling field of tents and cabins and strange burrowing pygmy marmosets like prarie dogs (I've never been to Pennsic but I'm pretty sure there's no such thing as a prarie marmoset :P) In all, fun but completely unrealistic.

Interesting that my mind chose to pin the "trip to Pennsic" label on this, as I've been thinking that finally making this huge event might be fun now that I know enough people likely to be attending. Not sure if it will be feasible anytime soon (not the least reason because I don't know how to camp), but this dream was an interesting remix of the current back of my mind.
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Had a nice, messy, colorful dream last night.

I was in an art studio with a lot of other people and the project was to paint huge white sheets of something (paper? fabric?)

I was on a budget so I got a special package of only 8 tubes of paint (everyone else had ~20) and started glopping it on. The "yellow" paint turned out to be orange with green and gold glitter; the brown was really dark red with silver flaking. I can't remember the other colors.

I slathered it several layers deep with a paint knife and then kept layering it on, but it didn't get nice crusty texture like acrylic paints, it just keep sinking into the surface.

No great meaning to this dream, except it reminded me of how fun it is to paint. It's not as if I ever developed great talent, but man, it feels good to get a canvas and just start piling on color!

fun in bed

Apr. 15th, 2006 11:21 pm
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There, that got your attention :P

I found this article about lucid dreaming at Some of the material here is good, some is questionable, some is rather overwrought - lucid dreaming is fun but I'd hesitate to recommend it over reality :P I'm also not completely convinced that it can be induced at will, though I admit that what they're calling the NILD technique has coincided with most of my lucid dreaming in the past.

I've always been able to remember at least some of my dreams, including lucid dreams. Most are less interesting for their content than for the rich sensory overload, the "you are there" feeling that is so strong sometimes I'm up for a couple of hours before I realize I'm remembering a dream, not something that actually happened: I'm talking smell, touch, surround sound, full Technicolor in addition to being aware that I'm dreaming. This came in very useful during a nightmare once, when I decided that things were getting out of hand and made everything melt. I've never been able to control what I dream about, but it's nice to be able to control whatever my subconcious throws at me :P

For me lucid dreaming is usually precluded by sleep paralysis an interesting little trip of it's own) - don't know why that is so, but it's been my experience. It doesn't happen often, but the trigger seems to be following a week or more of not enough sleep (5-6 hours a night) with a nice weekend morning where I have time to wake up, read a bit, and drift back off. I'm aware I'm going back to sleep, I feel my limbs stiffen, but my mind remains alert, and then it starts to invent things....

I find this subject interesting because I'm constantly amazed at the inventiveness of the human mind, even at rest, and at the confusion between reality and fantasy that can happen in dream states. And while I don't subscribe to much of the standard "new age" dream symbol interpretations, I do think dreaming is our mind's way of "doing overtime" and sorting things out while our constantly vigilant concious self is resting. IMHO if you're remembering your dreams, it's because you need to for some reason, even if it's only to inject some novelty.

So, anyway.. interesting article, make of it what you will. If you have lucid dreams, have fun with 'em, and if you actually get anything in this FAQ to work, let me know! I'd like to work in some virtual fencing practice :P

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