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...was the word of the weekend.

D. and I took our delayed trip to NYC last weekend, and it was good :)

It was my first time on the Vamoose bus, and I was fairly impressed. No cheap Greyhound this, there was free wi-fi, NY Times and bottled water. I did get a little headachey towards the end because of jolting, but it's worth it not to have to haul a car up to NYC.

First stop was the Spanish Institute Fortuny retrospective. Oh... oh my. Sometimes I forget how astonishing these gowns are when I have only my books for reference, only to see the real deal again and be reminded of the layers of color and detail inherent in the three-dimensional piece. Pieces such as these could not be made now, as each piece required so much individual handling to make it into the work of art it is.

Most of the dresses were displayed with a tunic, scarf, or other outer piece that reminded me that dresses weren't the only thing Fortuny made: his printed velvets are so delicately embellished, colors changing subtly under the light.. .just amazing.

I noticed a number of different variations of neckline, embellishment, and even fabric that I'd never seen before, and it gave me a new direction for my ongoing Fortuny research: create a database of gown details and see if I can find any patterns by date, color, etc.

D. and I then went out to Strand Books. Which was next door to Forbidden Planet comics. Always a hazard, but a good one :)

Finally, my first trip to the Met. The main reason was for D. to see the Gubbio Studiolo, a masterpiece of Renaissance intarsia commissioned by the Duke of Urbino, a condottiere made good with a taste for art and learning.

It's another case of the real thing being far more breathtaking than any photo. After 500+ years, the individual wooden pieces are still bright and set perfectly edge to edge, without any shrinkage or warping over the centuries. The 3-dimensional effect is subtle but startling - I really didn't expect it to be as richly textured as it was. Again, something for which there seems to be no place in the modern world, as simply appreciating it requires time that is so seldom available.

If I could be said to have a passion, this would be it: the transformation of mundane materials into works of art, and the tangible nature of that art - to feel those silks, cut the wood with my own hands. Pushing pixels around may pay the bills but it doesn't have that same immediacy.
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I don't think I would have believed in the record early snowfall if I hadn't been out in it (my hair was pushing down my ears so cut COULD NOT WAIT). Happily there was enough to be pretty, but warm enough so it didn't mess up the roads (though visibility was tough).

Watched the 2011 "Jane Eyre" and enjoyed it - I thought the acting was great, and the actress playing Jane Eyre was suitably plain but Michael Fassbender was miscast as Rochester, not because he can't perform the Broody McBrooderson but because he's too damn pretty. ObCostume: I'm no 19th c. expert so I'm not sure how accurate they were, but I'm reminded why I think the 1820s-40s "Dickens"-era women's clothing is among the least flattering of any historical period: the dresses that look like they belong on china dolls, the hair that looks like dog's ears - though the bodice construction is fascinating (are those front panels bias cut?)

Cold weather calls for alpaca socks (so springy, not to warm or too cold!), chicken biryani, and cocoa brownies. These suckers may keep me up later than I'd like :P
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I wanted to thank everyone who replied to my bulk big buttons post. I'm "memorizing" it for my own purposes and recommend it if you need lots of matching buttons.

Ultimately, I found what I was looking for at an 18th century supplier, 10 buttons/ $7. They're 1/8" smaller than the pattern calls for, but that many metal buttons are going to need extra backing so as not to drag the front of the coat down, and they're shiny so I'm sure they'll still show up :P

Also noting for future use: bronze half-dome buttons, suitable for my dream hussar/Adam Ant jacket or other military-inspired outerwear.
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  • 09:23 RT @stephenfry: Happy birthday Alan Turing! b 23/6/1912. There'll be a party at Bletchley for you, I’m told. #bpark #
  • 10:14 Maybe I'll finally be an adult when I stop playing dress-up. Oh wait... #
  • 10:50 @i_clavdivs - If growing up = no costumes I'm just a big kid :P #
  • 11:52 RT @MargoEve: I reckon this might make my day a bit more shiny. <- c'mon, you saw it coming #firefly #
  • 14:18 I don't speak French but I do speak pattern: . Bookmarking #sewing #fashion #patterns #
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  • 08:27 RT @Kevin_Church: In honor of DARIA's long awaited DVD release, Ms. Morgendorffer and Ms. Lane. #
  • 08:29 @WornThrough - My pleasure! #
  • 14:03 RT @SBoSM RT @TDefren: Four Nerds and a Cry to Arms Against Facebook - <-will watch with much interest #
  • 16:35 RT @i_clavdivs RT @sparklystuff: 7 Real Reasons to Date Geeks: <- and marry one #
  • 22:07 Looks like the first Costume Con 28 pix are coming in: [le sigh] #
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  • 08:48 Is it wrong to covet both Emma Peel AND John Steed's wardrobes? I don't think so.
  • 09:30 RT @Mactavish RT @xenijardin To anonymous gay teen who asked for help in Boing Boing comments
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Via [ profile] folo1: From the Aussie Living History list: Of interest to anyone wanting provenance for Tudor impressions, some previously unseen artifacts from the Mary Rose:

Includes shoes and remains of a wool jerkin.
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  • 10:13:11: A note from last night: red wine with dark sinful chocolate cake. And said cake is an intoxicant by itself. Thanking @danphilpott for both!
  • 10:18:52: Finally able to get college ring back on. Touch to hand last week = couldn't get ring over knuckle. Thought I'd have to refit; guess not.
  • 10:21:25: Hmm.. mention "wine" on Twitter & wine person follows. How do it know? And clearly doesn't know I'm still fairly ignorant re: good wines.
  • 13:09:02: RT @BeaucoupKevin: Much-Beloved Canadian Donut Icon Tim Hortons Sponsors Anti-Gay Event (Via @HeyOscarWilde)
  • 17:08:58: Who said "keep your feet on the ground & your knees above them"? Sounds like Prairie Home Companion to me but I wouldn't swear I'm right.
  • 19:16:53: Unfortunately leftover cake doesnot agree with D. All mine (but how am I gonna eat all this?!)
  • 21:51:31: Oh my, #leverage quotes:
  • 21:54:23: Mark Newport's hand-knitted superheroes: (via @bodhibadger who saw them at the #Renwick - this link has more pix)
  • 22:41:27: For the fannish sorts who somehow haven't seen it yet: Captain Jack and the 10th Doctor (well, the actors) kiss:
  • 22:43:02: Stretching cramping feet -oh yow in a good way. Now: 11 perfect (knee) pushups.

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  • 22:49 RT @dustdaughter: Can you LoudTwitter to more than one blog at a time? <--I have no idea.
  • 23:05 Courtesy @danphilpott: I find this more amusing than it probably warrants.
  • 23:06 Just got finished laying on ice pack. Exercise is dandy but it's sitting that messes up my back.
  • 23:07 Not fencing Friday - need to do more laying on ice to prepare for 2 day competition Sat/Sun.
  • 10:35 Wish I could remove the keyboard "drawer" from my desk. Banging my knees on it.
  • 13:23 Oh, this is a fun site:
  • 14:56 Also, this:
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Attn: Beware of the Weeping Angels. Phenomenal work done with polyester, paint, cardboard, and a LOT of handwork. Go see!
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Mostly for me but shared for those who might want it:

Buckles for Firefly browncoat; found through this guy who includes this contact info.

'Cos one never knows when one might need a brown coat.

Why yes, I am procrastinating on the vest :P
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Still plugging away at the Spanish-English translation of last month's Spanish costume photocopies and I think I've figured out:
  • What things are: saya = bodice with skirt attached; jubón = doublet; basquiña = closed skirt; cuerpa = bodice; ropa = gown (all one piece - kirtle?); faldilla and manteo = semi-circular underskirt
  • In all times and places, there are always some yo-yos complaining about the immorality/vanity of one kind of clothing or another: I'm reading quotes from satirists who thought stays ("cardboards of the chest") were dishonest and writers who thought platform shoes ("chapines") were excessive. Some things never change :P
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From h-costume re: Dharma Trading:

"Expanding Our Fabric Collection
Attention fabric lovers!
We are continuing to expand our selection of fabrics aiming for a 'plethora' of fabrics instead of our current 'lots and lots'. To that end, we are asking you, our most valued and esteemed customers (who are also very intelligent and shockingly good looking, by the way) to weigh in on what new fabrics you would like to see us add. Wool fabrics? Bamboo fabrics? Fabrics woven from the back hair of a yeti, perhaps? Whatever! Please send any suggestions to the following e-mail address and we will consider all your ideas."

I've already put in my votes for fine lightweight 100% linen, various 100% wool weaves, and 100% silk velvet (most "silk velvet" has a rayon ground).
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Fort Ward Museum
Alexandria, VA

Bridget Dean
Public Information Specialist
Office of Historic Alexandria
Fax: 703.838.6451

“Women’s Fashions of the Civil War Era”
Saturday, March 18, 2006 at 1:00pm

geekchick, skill_grl, and other corset fans - I'm looking at you here! )

Not sure if I'm making this one yet, but I'm definitely keeping it in mind...

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