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Finally finished the Issey Miyake skirt, Vogue 1541 (top row center) and learned a lot not only about sizing up Miyakes, but sizing up in general:

1) Measure - and measure again. When I compared the pattern measurements to my own, I failed to take into account 1) seam allowances, and 2) the width of the side bands.

As such, my first run was too big - which for a standard skirt might not be a problem, but for the skirt front with its funky self-facings it wasn't a case of simply taking width out of the sides (and there's no center front seam so I couldn't shrink it that way either).

I tried taking off the facings, slimming down the sides, and adding them back, but it still didn't take it in enough. Thank goodness I bought extra yardage!

2) Make a gorram muslin. Seriously. I was uncharacteristically overconfident in my abilities because the 1541 skirt is fairly simple (for a Miyake, at least) and I foolishly thought adding a couple of inches, how hard can it be... shyeah :P See again: this project would have been dead in the water if I'd not had extra fabric.

3) Let's hear it for chrome-edge tailor's points! Purchased at the recommendation of a reenactor friend, I now wear these on a lanyard around my neck so they're always on hand to cut thread and fabric. My teeth (my usual thread-snipping method) are grateful.

Results: I have a new skirt for work/play that may nearly match the jacket I made years ago that still fits - incredibly the button style were still in manufacture as well.

And I've discovered that at least some of the Miyake patterns can be sized up, but VERY CAREFULLY.
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Despite my misgivings, I actually rocked at Nationals. As in, alarmingly so.

getting there, and there )

the competition, now with spectators )

wandering )

All in all a good end to the season and several months of banging my head against the wall :)


Jun. 23rd, 2013 05:34 pm
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I am really trying to get excited about Nationals this year.

I am going to go. I qualified for Div III, dammit, and I'm not going to avoid the challenge.

I'm just frustrated going in as I don't feel ready.

Part of it is that what I've been working on in lessons with V. are parries and flicks that I've not perfected well enough to take effectively into competition. I'm further hindered by tiring out my shoulder doing assisted pull-ups that even practicing the 2-9 parry is painful, and while I need to practice it I don't want to fsck up my shoulder one week away from the biggest competition of the year.

This, and I think I was looking a little too forward to the possibility of fencing vet (and hence, more than one competition) this year. The rules say no, and while I know veteran fencers are crazy smart/experienced, it would be nice to go up against opponents who don't have a youth/speed/reflex advantage right out of the gate, which is what I'll be seeing in Div III.

So I'm going to try to aim for cool-headed instead of excited.
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Spice has had a bad week.

She'd been listless all day Sunday, and when she wouldn't eat her favorite canned catfood, we knew something was up. So D. took her to the vet Monday.

She was very dehydrated and her bloodwork showed a massive infection with no known source - all of her organs looked good. They kept her overnight with IVs of saline and antibiotic, and Tuesday morning the vet took an x-ray to see if he could find out just what was going on.

Turns out she got hold of...something. Something that showed up as a y/"wishbone" shaped thing in her colon. Sparing gory details, the vet helped her pass it and we STILL don't know what it was, or how she might have got hold of it.

She's home now but the poor little thing is bony and very nervous. It's sweet how friendly she is (she's never been a lap cat, but DAMN she has been for the last 3 days) but I think it's mostly just happiness to be home and please don't take me to the place with needles and other cats and dogs EVER EVER AGAIN. She's on a massive regimen of antibiotics, appetite enhancer, vitamin supplement and prescription canned food (so as not to irritate her bowels) for the next week, when D. takes her back.

D. has been a big damn hero all week - dealing with the hardest cat to take to the vet plus damaged A/C and finding someone to fix it.

Gotta go sit with my munchkin...
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It got off to a rocky-ish start, but it's a fine little con :)

The rocky: driving in traffic in 90F weather with no A/C. Also, my calf seized from freezing on the brake too long and the "ping" took the rest of the weekend to work itself out up my right side - not pleasant.

But, the good:

Good people! Dress U is small (only 35 people, but, hey, it's only their 2nd year) so it was easy to keep track of names and faces. I got to hang with [ profile] danabren and co., and conversation flowed easily and hilariously. I was surprised but pleased at the number of people who came from way out of town - New Orleans and SF were represented along with much of the mid Atlantic.

The classes: many were Victorian-oriented, which isn't necessarily my cup of tea, but I find that I can find something unusual and interesting in almost any costume-related presentation, and this was no different. The class on presentation at the Edwardian court was a nice slice of social history, in which I learned to curtsey in a train. And speaking of trains, I attended a class on dust ruffles which illuminated just how one kept one's dress train clean during the 19th century.

Possibly the one most immediately useful were tips and tricks on how to get decent costume photos. Simply changing the angle and lighting can make a huge difference, even with a smart phone. Need to employ this new knowledge SOON.

The events: I enjoyed that there wasn't the pressure of a competition or masquerade, but plenty of events to dress for: formal dinner, mad tea party, tiara and jampagne (which unfortunately I couldn't stick around for). It inspired me to pull out the stops, bring my gear and make an effort! I couldn't hold a candle to most of the people there - these folks are disciplined and far more talented than I, and it was a joy to just look...

I am also starting to see the appeal of tiaras, though I imagine it would take some doing to find one that will stay in short hair.

My wardrobe: not as cumbersome as expected; I got most of it into a single large Tupperware bin, 1 hat box, and a couple of hangers. I restricted myself to two changes a day for convenience, with a fairly even split between women's (mock Fortuny, front lacing kirtle, Regency ball gown) and men's (tux and top hat, doublet and venetians, militaryesque vest and bicorne) throughout the weekend.

[ profile] danabren was kind enough to help me get into my Regency outfit and I was pleased that it still fit after ~3 years. Even with shift, stays, and petticoat underneath it was still surprisingly cool, and I DID finish the accessories to go with (picture forthcoming).

Give my muscle twinge it was convenient that I spent most of the first day in stays of one sort or another, as they helped support my back (as an aside, they also make doing push-ups easier. But I digress).

Also of note: much as I love historic women's clothing, I am too severe looking to meet the ideals of most historic periods' ideals of female beauty, but damn, can I rock the menswear! (It's also easier to dress myself).

My only regret is that there wasn't more conversation. The first night was an absinthe-fueled gabfest of getting to know you and wild costume adventures, but by Saturday many of us were tired. In a way it was for the best - I needed to spend some time flat on my back.

Will definitely consider doing this one again, for the chat aspects at the very least!
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Because I found a few gems that couldn't wait for a long link dump:

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Given that this was a 3 day weekend and next weekend is Dress U, I decided to use the time filling in some gaps in my costume wardrobe, specifically accessories for my as yet unworn white Regency gown.

I was partially successful in my efforts.

I needed headwear - in almost every historical period women covered their head with something, and to hide my anachronistic hair. My initial plan was to create one "casual", one dressy, out of sari fabric I picked up last weekend. This worked out partially.

I am so enamored of the green that I decided my test run would be on the red, using Lynn McMaster's directions for creating a wrapped turban (alas, site is down, this link is Google's cache).

Um, no.

Wrapping a turban turns out to be too much like doing hair - managing a long strip of fabric is difficult when I can't see what I'm doing. I couldn't wrap it even once that tucked in everything as I liked, so creating a sewn together version wasn't possible either. I like the idea, so maybe I'll try it again when I have more time/patience/help, but on to plan B.

The cap turban/beret (scroll down). It's not my favorite look because to my modern eyes it looks excessively fluffy and chef hat-ty, but it was blessedly easy to make. I used the same pattern I used back in '04 for Think Pink (damn, has it been that long?) and lined it with plain muslin.

Ideally I'd be able to get a wonderful ostrich feather plume as trim, but I can't find any from my usual sources and my creativity is maxed out enough that I'm not coming up with any other ideas.

I used another 3 yards to make a matching shawl, which still leaves me with plenty left over to make a Miyake tunic I've been sitting on for awhile.

The punch line: I may not even be able to wear the gown unless I can find someone to help me dress. This is one of my grievances with historical clothing: it's damn near impossible to dress oneself, which offends my modern sense of sartorial autonomy. But, I do have a back up outfit and if not next weekend I've got the accessories now.
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I've often mused out loud that sometime in this lifetime I'm going to have to make it to what I consider to be the 3* geek/alternative/genre events on the calendar year: 1) DragonCon 2) ComicCon 3) Pennsic War.

All of these look interesting for various reasons (Classes! Costumes! Nerdery!) but also HUGE and intimidating to the uninitiated/introverts, which is why I've never made much effort to do anything about my curiosity.

But in the spirit of "new things are how we grow", how does one manage potential sensory overload at an event of multiple thousands of people/hotels/events? And how does one prepare (because all require costumes, and some camping equipment)?

Veterans of any of these events (particularly if social is fun but sucks the air out of you), I ask for your wisdom/advice.

*I have a passing curiosity about Burning Man but given that I've never camped before I think desert endurance camping is beyond my physical capabilities. I have no interest in heatstroke/dehydration, etc.
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From lo these many weeks past:

  • The Star Trek: Into Darkness Spoiler FAQ: Explains the plot holes you can drive a semi through in a very amusing way. Warning: sweary language (the FAQ answerer is clearly of strong opinions). Spoilerage abounds, so I'm declaring comments to this post to be a SPOILER FRIENDLY ZONE for ST:ID.

  • First clip from "Only Lovers Left Alive" features Tom Hiddleston and Tilda Swinton hot un-kissing/making out [YouTube]. VampireLoki + VampireTildaSwinton = how do I get an invite to this party?? 'Cos I need one. For... research.

  • Why do men keep putting me in the girlfriend zone? (Hat tip [ profile] glitter_femme). I've only been in this situation once and the guy got verbally abusive when I told him I wasn't interested. Full disclosure: when I was a stupid teenager I "boyfriend-zoned" a good bit. Then I grew up and learned that the 'verse doesn't owe me boy/girlfriends.

  • Club veteran Princess Julia's piece on the attractions of club life and the role of the DJ. This quote especially resonated with me:

    Mark Moore dj, music producer and frontman of seminal band S-Express began his career as a dj and continues to involve himself in the spirit of it, 'My experience of djing is similar to when friends come round your house and you play music to them. Every record that brings joy to them and blows their mind also brings joy to you so it's really a way of bonding and sharing - communion! The DJ experience is just a bigger version of this with more people and more energy.

    I was the kid ever making mixtapes for my friends to evangelize my taste in music, and that urge to share is part of what got me into radio in college. Even when I was trying to learn to mix, I don't think I ever really wanted to be a club dj - I always wanted to be John Peel, introducing people to sounds they've never heard before.

  • And 'cos the quote is from Mark Moore: Enjoy this trip. And it is a trip. Countdown is progressing... [YouTube]. Oldie but goodie.

  • Remittance Girl's blog post on feeling like an exile stuck in my head: "There have been times in my life, I’ve masqueraded inclusion. I’ve pretended to join, I’ve faked communion, I’ve partaken of the flesh, without swallowing. There is almost always a thin membrane, a wrap of impenetrable film that keeps me in exile." For good or ill, I kinda get that. Even when I've tried I've always felt a bit "off-center", and with age I'm (slowly, oh so very slowly) starting to accept that. (FYI this entry is worksafe but the rest of Remittance Girl's site emphatically is not; having said this if you're looking for quality erotica of all sorts go here).


May. 19th, 2013 06:01 pm
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After being felled by a rotten cold last weekend, I used this one to do all the stuff I'd not been able to:

Local sari shop: that I've known about for months but never visited due to my astounding capacity for passivity, I finally found it after passing it 3 times and it was worth the effort :) I was looking for fabrics that I could potentially use to create a turban and/or lightweight wrap to wear with my Regency gown, and found both a cotton (day) and silk-like-enough polyester (evening). One sari = ~7-9 yards of fabric, so I might be able to get quite a bit more else out of them.

Went with D., Badger, and C. to the latest Star Trek, which I enjoyed. No spoilers, but while I thought the intro scene was a bit over the top (which I guess it had to be, they had to try and top the first movie somehow), I thought Benedict Cumberbatch made a spectacular monologuing baddie, we finally get to see Kirk learn to be less of a jerk, and there was Moar Pegg, which makes everything better.

(Aside - I've also seen Iron Man 3, which D. and I saw opening weekend, because Iron Man. Also enjoyed, though it felt like they were trying to cram in too many different story lines. It also had more badass/competent Rhodey and I didn't think I could enjoy the Pepper/Tony dynamic more until I saw it).

I'm juggling several sewing projects: patching a saber mask for a fencing buddy (I want to see how good my curved mattress needles are at these kinds of repairs), D.'s scholar's robe (which needs a draping, to figure out just what the neckline is doing) and a sized-up Miyake (to see if sizing up one of those cracky patterns is even possible). Save the turbans/wraps I don't think I'm making anything new for Dress U due to lack of time - needing a summer skirt for work is a larger priority. I am also discovering that I make more headway when I stop fidgeting with notions and fscking do it already.

If you can't tell by my typing rhythm here, I'm also drinking more coffee than usual. This may or may not be a good thing, but it's acclimating me to upcoming greater caffeine requirements created by a con (1st weekend of June) followed the next week by an uncon (the second).
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Some noteworthy things crossed my screen this morning:

Best dressed of the 2013 Met Costume Institute Gala: which COULD have been interesting as the exhibit is Punk: Chaos to Couture but looking through the images, it seems like only Madonna got the memo. Michael Musto nails it.

For the record, I do plan to go up for the exhibit and I have no illusions about high fashion stealing ideas from the street - it always has and always will. I do find it disappointing that while it appears the exhibit will delve into the roots and philosophy of original punk (anti)fashion, no actual punks were in attendance (lurve you Vivienne Westwood, but you've not been a punk for a long time). Not like punks would actually show up to a fashion gala, but one would think they would have invited some, at least in a cynical attempt to shock.

It's also aesthetically disappointing because it's another parade of pretty people wearing predictably sleek designer gear. Don't get me wrong - I like looking at sleek designer gear and pretty people - but it's not challenging or interesting and one would have hoped the theme would encourage SOMEONE to take some fashion risks, but no.

As an aside, this is also why I don't go out of my way to view the Oscar red carpet - there are no surprises. Gimme another Bjork swan dress (a dress so odd it has it's own Wikipedia page!) and maybe I'll go to the trouble.

The other is this photo essay Rave kids in the '90s vs. rave kids today, and I know I'm going to sound like an old crusty, but here goes: I find it sad that the current styles for women are so sexualized. Nothing wrong with sex or being sexy, but Back In The Day(TM), raving was about dancing - hard, sweatily, all night. You didn't run around in a sports bra to look hot, but because it was so hot it was raining indoors - in short, you dressed so you could dance comfortably.

I love the costumey aspect, but I imagine it's hard to seriously pound the parquet if you're afraid your clothes are going to fall off :P

Also one of the things I loved about raving was that I was coming out of a club scene that emphasized tight minidresses and "dress to impress" and it was a relief to go out and not have to be sexy sexy sexy just to get in the door. I could just dance and let the music take me.

If raving is just another fashion show, I think that's sad. But I'm also heartened that if this is the case there will inevitably be a pendulum swing away from that, if there isn't already.

brain work

May. 2nd, 2013 06:17 pm
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Surprise travel this past weekend gave me the chance to do some reading.

I was able to read all of When the Girls Came Out to Play during my round trip flight, not just because I had time because it was good. I'd told a Costume Society acquaintance about my embryonic fencing gear research and she recommended it as a "dry academic" background read, so I was expecting a slog. But no, it's quality non-fiction and turned out to be exactly the book I needed that I didn't know existed.

geeking )

So I realize rather stunningly that this research may lead to something other than noodling on my desktop and in my LJ :P

It is cutting into sewing time though. I doubt I'll have anything new for Dress U, and guess who is taking forever and a day to put the sleeves on D.'s scholar's robe?

Time management, I can not haz.


Apr. 25th, 2013 09:49 pm
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I've fallen off the wagon in oh-so-many ways of late. Not enough sleep, too many sweets and not enough exercise (even with fencing 3x a week) means I'm a bit softer and slower than I'd like.

In the spirit of "the body I have at 40 is the one I'll have for the rest of my life" I'm:

  • Avoiding sweet baked goods. Making the effort to boil eggs for breakfast instead of copping out and getting a muffin at work. And man, I really WANT a blueberry muffin, but I want to get off the sugar high/crash cycle more.
  • Exercise everyday. I want to do 20 push ups from my toes by the end of the summer. More 15 touch bouts at club to improve endurance.
  • Be in bed by 11 pm. Being asleep might be pushing it.

Also my time management has fallen down the drain; sewing, reading, and other Worthy Activities(TM) aren't getting done due to my silly tendency to wander around online.

I want to

  • Finish the gorram sleeves on D.'s robe, make a summer skirt that I can wear THIS summer
  • Search for Fortuny/fencing gear images instead of wandering towards the latest "ooh shiny!" on Pinterest
  • Give myself time to read. Seriously, the books are backing up.
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'Cos it was a busy one:

Saturday I made it down to the Pump Me Up: D.C. Subculture of the 1980s exhibit. Last day + pretty weather + free admission = it was PACKED, and some of the posters and paraphernalia were situated in narrow hallways that were skin-scrapingly annoying to navigate. Having said this, I'm glad I went: I knew a bit about the DC punk scene but next to nothing about go-go or graffiti. Also got the nice hardcover catalog (natch) that will hopefully cover all of the labels I couldn't read because there were so many people.

Today I did the women's competition in the Cherry Blossom Open and did possibly the best I'd ever done at this always-challenging annual event: won one in pools but due to a lucky mismatch (? maybe I AM that good?) won my first direct elimination bout. I lost my second to an endlessly patient B-rated woman who I have fenced before: this time I lost 15-6 instead of 15-3, so I'm going to call that an accomplishment :) Also got to see [ profile] skill_grl who spectated and shot video for me (thank you for both!)

Health observations: it wasn't hot but the air was close, and my finicky lungs rebelled. I think my inhaler must be empty, as it didn't seem to have any effect. As I get tired I get kind of "punch-drunk": my coordination deteriorates and I tend to laugh to relieve tension - which isn't great when I'm already lacking air. I need to work on stamina but it is going to SUCK.

In other news: gloriously beautiful day! I'm sitting here with the windows open listening to the crickets chirp, and I think this time it will last :)

I've also decided what I'm doing for my birthday: I'm going to get a Thai yoga massage. It's supposed to be a combination of massage and yoga postures that helps heal and prevent injury and I keep saying I'll get some sort of massage to aid the wear and tear so it's time to just do it.


Mar. 21st, 2013 09:49 pm
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I was in Reno this past weekend(ish - Saturday through Tuesday) for a national fencing competition.

Not noteworthy: not my first and definitely not my best showing, but the first where D. has gone with me. He spent some of his teenage years in Lake Tahoe so he went to see old haunts when I was on the strip and show them to me once I was off.

On the strip: Sunday was the scarier of the two events I was signed up for and I did better than expected: won 1 pool bout, almost won another, and even won my first DE (this is maybe the second time I've done this at the national level). Monday...not so hot, partly because I ran into my old nemesis Absence of Blade repeatedly, partly because by that time not only the dry air but the altitude was getting to me :( I had been warned that being in the mountains could have an impact on my ability to breathe if I wasn't used to it, and how! It not only slowed my movements but my brain as well; I could see attacks coming from a mile off and couldn't get my lazy carcass to do squat against them.

I only thought I'd been in "the mountains" before; this was my first trip to any part of the Rockies and D. has been right all of these years; the Appalachians are but foothills by comparison! It's hard to describe, but the perspective is just grander and more dramatic - as D. showed me his old neighborhood I felt like I was either on a cliff or in a bowl, with no in-between. When we got out of the car to get good photos of Lake Tahoe my vertigo kicked in as I got near the edge of the road because it seemed to my "flatlander" eyes to drop off so dramatically.

Lake Tahoe itself was...well, I didn't expect it to be that big! Like I said, grander scale. The houses were unusual compared to what I am used to as well: a lot more natural wood, no yards but multi-level homes taking valiant advantage of the steep inclines. Kind of more "in tune" with nature, at least on the Nevada side, where laws prevent the cutting of trees to get a better view of Lake Tahoe. We went briefly onto the California side and development was a lot denser and the tree cover thinner by comparison.

So I'm home now, back to colder but blessedly wetter weather, and my nose is happy (or at least happier). I am keeping in mind for future reference that high altitudes destroy my game. Also pondering the new side I've seen of D. I'd never seen anywhere he'd spent his teenage years before and it helps me put him in a broader mental "place", if that makes sense.
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...was the word of the weekend.

D. and I took our delayed trip to NYC last weekend, and it was good :)

It was my first time on the Vamoose bus, and I was fairly impressed. No cheap Greyhound this, there was free wi-fi, NY Times and bottled water. I did get a little headachey towards the end because of jolting, but it's worth it not to have to haul a car up to NYC.

First stop was the Spanish Institute Fortuny retrospective. Oh... oh my. Sometimes I forget how astonishing these gowns are when I have only my books for reference, only to see the real deal again and be reminded of the layers of color and detail inherent in the three-dimensional piece. Pieces such as these could not be made now, as each piece required so much individual handling to make it into the work of art it is.

Most of the dresses were displayed with a tunic, scarf, or other outer piece that reminded me that dresses weren't the only thing Fortuny made: his printed velvets are so delicately embellished, colors changing subtly under the light.. .just amazing.

I noticed a number of different variations of neckline, embellishment, and even fabric that I'd never seen before, and it gave me a new direction for my ongoing Fortuny research: create a database of gown details and see if I can find any patterns by date, color, etc.

D. and I then went out to Strand Books. Which was next door to Forbidden Planet comics. Always a hazard, but a good one :)

Finally, my first trip to the Met. The main reason was for D. to see the Gubbio Studiolo, a masterpiece of Renaissance intarsia commissioned by the Duke of Urbino, a condottiere made good with a taste for art and learning.

It's another case of the real thing being far more breathtaking than any photo. After 500+ years, the individual wooden pieces are still bright and set perfectly edge to edge, without any shrinkage or warping over the centuries. The 3-dimensional effect is subtle but startling - I really didn't expect it to be as richly textured as it was. Again, something for which there seems to be no place in the modern world, as simply appreciating it requires time that is so seldom available.

If I could be said to have a passion, this would be it: the transformation of mundane materials into works of art, and the tangible nature of that art - to feel those silks, cut the wood with my own hands. Pushing pixels around may pay the bills but it doesn't have that same immediacy.
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Saturday was my much anticipated "craft day", a kind of trial-run for a proposed monthly "thing" for socializing and Making Stuff(TM).

It went well, I think :) Fencing buddies and costuming buddies got along and had things to talk about, there was enough food (I'm Southern, this is important. If there aren't leftovers there wasn't enough), 10 am to 4 pm seem to be good/manageable "open house" hours.

Some notes: good conversation really IS as stimulating as coffee! I was jittery, but in a good way, mostly I suspect because I've not had company of more than 1-2 people at a time since... I don't know when. Speaking of jitters, for next time, I should probably have some decaf beverages on hand.

On top of this I made noticeable headway on hand-finishing D.'s robe, which is no small thing as it's so huge I had to put tape on the inside to mark my place.

Sunday I woke with some dizziness and headache, which amplified as the day went on, despite a nap. I blame the cold, windy weather for making my sinuses hammer on me. Can't wait until spring, or for the weather to at least pick a season for more than a week.

D. was at Schmoocon over the weekend; we enjoyed our social weekends but both being introverts, needed to shut down for awhile after it was over. I love that we get this about each other; nobody gets put out if someone needs "alone time"! He caught up in Old Republic; I caught up on Downton Abbey and Bomb Girls. Both episodes were depressing as hell but very good; I exorcized the blues with Red Dwarf and Dr. Who (because the silliness of dinosaurs on a spaceship improves everything).

Today's a day off but kind of bleak as I'm too unbearably cold to do anything. Another day of feeling like I'm spinning my wheels, brain too frozen to be inspired. If I were responsible I'd start my taxes but it's just too damn cold in the basement to type.
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Needless to say we didn't go to NYC this weekend, as neither of us had much interest in getting snowed in :P Which was disappointing, as my pro-activeness is on a roll and I don't want to lose my momentum.

So, I decided to go to the local tournament that I would have been going to had I been in town (which I now was).

I wasn't in a great headspace going in. I got lost on the way to the venue, so I didn't have much time to warm up, and my feet had been acting up all the day before. The venue was full of young and spry or older and experienced people and I started to assume I'd go down in flames.


I managed to cut off the downward spiral in my mind and win 4 of 5 pool bouts, the other being against someone young, spry, AND experienced, so I didn't take it too hard.

Then I did 3 direct elimination bouts. Two against club mates with whom it can usually go either way, but I studiously avoided being stupid and won both by large margins. I even got 5 out of 15 in my last DE (semifinals!) against aforementioned young/spry/experienced person.

Upshot is, I tied for 3rd (out of 17) and managed to renew my rating :) And yes, I'm still a lowly E, but I've proved to myself that I can make lightning strike twice, and that felt good after a few weeks of winter doldrums and feeling like I'm spinning my wheels in all endeavors.

I got a medal and more importantly, CHOCOLATE. More competitions should offer this because it's a fabulous incentive :P

I'm still kind of wiped, but less from the fencing itself than from the celebration afterwards - D. got us a dinner of rich Italian food and wine with a tiramisu on top, so I think I'm still having "comedown" plus lingering food coma.


Feb. 7th, 2013 09:39 pm
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I thought I had resigned myself to the fact that the camera always has a laugh at my expense.

Seriously. Save my wedding photos I have NEVER liked a picture of myself, but don't resist when friends/family want to take one because they don't seem to mind.

However, having seen some recent ones of myself.....


I may not be a supermodel, but I don't have a weak chin or puffy jowls, which invariably show up in candids. I'm starting to suspect that I need makeup and lighting just to look like myself.

It's been an age since I had any professional photos done. I'm considering spackling up and hiring someone, just so I have something bearable to share.

That, and some of the costumes could stand to be photographed.

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