Nov. 3rd, 2013

anotheranon: (illus)
So yesterday I got a new car.

This has been a long time coming and the trunk and window snarl-up from last week only made the inevitable more urgent.

Understand, only part of the reason I put it off so long is because I hate the entire process of car shopping (more on that anon). It's also because I'm hard on cars and want to wring every last ounce of usable life out of them before I consign them to the junker.

Well, perhaps not very hard on cars, though I admit a tendency to scuff up the underside by parking too close to the curb, or taking corners too shallowly and denting up the rims. But I do think it's wasteful to trade in a car just because some of the conveniences no longer work, and I do expect whatever car I drive to be able to take this wear and tear in stride.

The Civic has been like a tiny tank in this regard - it still runs, even without A/C, power windows, or trunk pop - but after 14 years (! see, a tank!) it had become more expensive than the price of the car to fix these things. So...

the car shopping saga, in all it's bloody glory )

So after several hours of paperwork I have a shiny new car - and it's the first time I've owned new, and not used. And it gave me pause because I've always thought of myself as a bad driver who is hard on my car: do I really deserve a new one?

Yeah, I think I do, especially if it means I don't have to do this dog and pony show again for another ~14 years.

*Yes, I know. Except as a 40 year old woman driving a Prius, fer crissake, I don't think most cops are going see me as a speeding risk.

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