Oct. 7th, 2013

anotheranon: (exercise)
Kinda, but not really.

Given my recent abundance of free time, I've been trying to make the best of it. My usual schedule is to wake up 1/2 hour early in order to write; given that I've had a whole day in which to write for the past ~week, I've been using that half hour to go for a short run in the park.

I hesitate to call it proper running. It's more of a very slow jog, with a break halfway (my endurance is CRAP), and it's not even a mile, I'd be surprised if it's even a half mile. And it's not something I plan to continue once work starts back up because I know I simply Won't. Have. Time.

But I'm finding it's a spectacular way to start out the day.

As usual I hate the "getting there" - I hit the snooze button hold my nose as I suit up in smelly sweats, but I really like how I feel once I've done those fifteen minutes: my mind is just so CLEAR! And getting a good sweat going wakes me up, kind of like my beloved-but-forsaken first cup of coffee (except minus the shakes and teeth-grinding anxiety).

Growing up, my family (and I along with them) would always laugh a bit at the "jog jog joggers" we saw on the road. Not sure quite why; perhaps it was because so many of them looked tired and pained, like running was a drudgery to get through because jogging was the expected thing to do if you wanted to stay fit in the pre-crossfit, pre-health club on every corner era. A quarter of jogging class because I needed a last-minute phys ed credit in college also didn't do much to change my mind either. I can't even say what possessed me to try this out last week.

But. I get it now. Even if it's something I can't do in my regular life, at least it's a way to get the blood pumping that's simpler than suiting up in three layers of canvas and hauling myself/my gear to fencing club. Something to think of when I travel and CAN'T fence.

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