Jan. 25th, 2013

anotheranon: (busy)

  • Two snow...events. Not enough to slow things down, but enough to look pretty and make the freezing weather a little more bearable.
  • Cut out and pieced the scholar's robe that I've been threatening to make D. for some years now. This is technically an update for the past 2 weeks as it took one weekend to draft and one to cut out/piece back together.
    some background/geeking - this got rather long )

    To give you some idea of the size, this is just the back, and not laid out flat either:

    D.'s scholar's robe-to-be taking up my workroom floor )

  • Go the F**k to Sleep, Avengers version is the funniest thing I've read all day. Here's Samuel L. Jackson reading the original [YouTube, starts about 1 min in, NSFW] if it helps you imagine Nick Fury reading it.

  • Lesson learned from brief illness earlier in the week - sometimes it's better to just give in and be sick, hydrate and rest than try to power it out. Yes, I know, this shouldn't be a revelation, but it is.

  • Weekend: getting rid of clutter and getting a proper lamp and something to put a suitcase on for the guest room.

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