Jan. 21st, 2013

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Follow up on the bias cut top experiment, which would have gone faster had I not been so lazy:

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New stuff: first time out with both silk charmeuse and rolled hems.

Results: I CAN cut silk charmeuse and have it stay where I put it while doing so, using a cutting board and extremely sharp rotary cutter. I never did figure out how to guarantee that it was laid out on grain though. Short of plucking a tiny thread which would have made the whole thing run I had to guess, and I think I was off a bit.

Rolled hems: These take time and very fine thread (I used polyester embroidery), which is what used up most of the time as it's hard on the eyes and hands to make tiny stitches invisible to the outside.

Flaws: Armhole facing was too narrow to stay put so it's anchored down with tiny threads that don't show TOO much on the outside. Also, the hem wasn't quite even despite my best efforts so I decided to go with it and make it asymmetrical. It's long enough to tuck in if I ever want it to look "normal".

Triumphs: I do not know how I survived without the full bust adjustment!! This top neither gaps at the armholes or puckers across the bust. SUCCESS!!

So it is wearable, though I'll probably always wear it under something to hide the armhole finish wonkiness.

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