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I've been so busy with new car research this past week that I completely forgot to post about last weekend's other activities, in which I did two new things.

First off, I used Skype for the first time. I've long known about it (how could I not?) but given my disinclination to use the phone I had no reason to use it until C.* moved to Germany and it became the best/cheapest way to call her.

Setting it up was easy, though it took some Googling to assure me that my laptop had both microphone and speakers (the extent of miniaturization of all these things never ceases to amaze me).

We had a nice long chat without having to worry about fees, time, or bars/coverage, etc. Also the video was nice because we could show each other our houses!

The other new thing was a bit harder. A fencing buddy, C., has been taking horseback riding lessons with the aim of learning to herd cattle and/or joust. I have no real interest in either of these but I do like horses and riding them, though I hadn't been on one since I was a kid, and then it was mostly for walking along park trails or the like. So, I thought some instruction wouldn't hurt: activities help me be social and this would be another social skill, and I thought it might be something D. and I could do together. Also, C. said it was good for core strength and core strength helps the fencing, so I signed D. and I up.

The lesson was great, as was the stable, but horseback riding more involved than I thought it would be! I enjoyed that we were told how to approach and lead the horse to the indoor ring, and I finally learned the names of bits and bridles and the other odd array of leather horse trappings that bewildered me as a child.

Riding went...ok. Walking felt familiar, but trotting is tons harder than it looked. Staying upright while bouncing in time with the horse's rhythm is a workout and not easy (and yes, it is FANTASTIC for posture!); I would need a lot more instruction to do this confidently.

So, I'm not going out riding with my friends anytime soon, though D. and I both had fun and agreed while we're not at the enthusiasm level of "OMG let's sign up for 20 lessons NOW!!" we'd definitely do it again.

*For the uninitiated: C. is my best friend/"sister from another mister" who I've known since I was 11. Her husband is military so they move around a lot, hence Germany.

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