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As of today I've been locked out of my office for a week. I have mixed emotions.

1) I think the shutdown is as pointless as ever, and am so annoyed by the sheer LACK of progress made at ending it that I can barely stand to look at the news. It wasn't even on the front page of the Post this morning, which I find disturbing as it means either no one in the press cares or that progress in negotiations has done so little it's not worth speaking of.

2) I am remarkably good at staying on task. Seriously - if I can keep away from Facebook and email, I can happily spend the day researching, reading, and sewing.

3) I rested over the weekend, but yesterday morning I was back on the AM run. Still feels awesome, still don't think I can keep it up when work starts back up.

4) Research. OMG the research! I love this, the way one article's bibliography leads to another is just enthralling! I met with a FOAF who is a currently furloughed historian and he gave me some pointers on sources to learn about the larger religious context in which my story takes place. On my own, I've discovered two historical facts that inspire interesting takes on narrative and characterization, one of which is persuading me it wants to be a story of it's own.

5) Sewing: kinda falling flat on this one, but it's my own fault. Hand sewing a 1/8" binding on a ravely raw edge is not as appealing as 16th century social history.

6) Reading: making a tiny dent, but that's largely because the stack is so large.

To sum up: in some mythical future year when I'm retired, I'm gonna have plenty to do. In truth, I'm having a great time with this unexpected vacation, but if the government doesn't open within a week (and I'm starting to suspect it won't it really won't) I'm going to get worried.

Date: 2013-10-10 01:46 am (UTC)
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That's so crappy that you are locked out and not getting paid. Stupid politicians. It's really starting to stress me out.

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