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I'm sitting on a pile of patterns and no fabric to make them out of, BUT I am blessed with a roll of muslin and plenty of scrap fabric. So I figure, why not fit these now so they're ready to go when I find the perfect fabric.

My vague aim is one a weekend; my first one is a Vogue vintage reissue dress, because for all my love of menswear, I'm at an age where I think these sharp vintagey/"wiggle" dresses look sophisticated rather than like a little girl playing dress-up, so dammit, I want some.

With it's tab and drape detail I fully expected this one to be tricker than it was. Turns out that the pleated drape is tacked on - the front bodice is made of asymmetric pieces, but both have a dart in the expected place. Cue the full bust adjustment (and I know I've linked to this 20 times before, but I love this sewing trick just so very, very much).

I filled in the spread with tape and the resulting muslin is so stiff that I can't decide whether it fits or not yet, so I'm going to recut with changes included and see if it's what I like or not.

Once I get the top working I'm going to see if I can draft out the darts on the skirt pieces and cut top and bottom as one piece - I'm not keen to have a horizontal seam and belt around my non-existent waist.

We shall see.
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